Umesh Yadav is running incoherently in ODIs

Umesh Yadav is running incoherently in ODIs
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India Fast Bowler Umesh Yadav Has Failed To Understand The Rationale:

India’s fast bowler, Umesh Yadav, has failed to understand the logic of getting scarce chances in limited-overs cricket despite having done well in test matches, particularly at home.

Yadav had hoped in a recent interview to get a series of ODIs to prove his mettle with the white ball. Yadav, who last played four ODIs in 2018, did not get a game after the same year’s home series against West Indies.

“I didn’t know it. White or red, the skill is to turn the ball? That’s what I can do, just as I did. Of course, the lengths will vary and that’s obvious and down to the cricketing intellect. I feel like I can prove myself as a wicket-taking bowler when I get a series of ODIs. I don’t think I’ve been properly used by ODI selectors,” Yadav was quoted as saying.

Even in 2018, five of Yadav’s seven T20Is had arrived. Although he played his last T20I at home last year against Australia, he also dropped off the T20I team afterward. What Yadav did not excel was last season in the Indian Premier League where he picked an average of eight wickets in 11 matches, and the economy rate of 9.37 for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Yadav Was India’s Highest Wicket-Taker In The ICC Cricket World Cup:

Yadav, who was India’s top wicket-taker at the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, has seen his numbers go down continuously since then.

In 27 matches, the bowler has picked 39 wickets at an average rate of 37.38 and an economy rate of 6.45 in 27 ODIs post World Cup 2015.

“Come here and there for a game, then sit out for six months. It is getting tough. Carrier was never successful. Ever up and down. At the 2015 World Cup, I did well but then out again. 

“[You have a bad touch] because you don’t have as many chances. I used to feel a little down on sitting on the sidelines and watching in the past. But it’s important to make the situation understand yourself. I realized if I fall into sympathy it’s not safe. That feeling is very pathetic when you won’t perform well when you get a chance, “Yadav said.


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