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Rahul Dravid Reaction On Wriddhiman Saha Comments – “I am not hurt”

For the forthcoming series versus Sri Lanka, many experienced players have been left out of India’s Test team. Wriddhiman Saha, a keeper-batsman, is one of those who had a surprising disclosure after being sacked. The 37-year-old said that following India’s 1-2 Test series failure in South Africa the previous month, Indian team head coach Rahul Dravid advised him to foresee international departure since he is not a part of the national team’s plans for the future. Here in this article we have provided details about Rahul Dravid Reaction On Wriddhiman Saha.

Dravid responded to Saha’s comments by saying, “He’s not hurt at all,” and that he does have a lot of respect for the Bengal player. In terms of the reasoning for his statement, the former Indian skipper stated that Saha “deserved” clarification for which he needs to be. However, Dravid’s response came, after India’s 3-0 victory over the West Indies in the T20I series.

Wriddhiman Saha deserved honesty and clarity: Rahul Dravid

“Thanks for congratulating us on winning the T20I series. (laughs),” was Dravid’s initial reaction to the question in the Interaction. “No, I’m actually not hurt at all. I have a deep respect for Wriddhiman Saha and his achievements, contributions to Indian cricket. My conversation with him came from that place. He deserved honesty and clarity,” he added.

“I didn’t want him to hear about it, you know, from the media. These are conversations I constantly have with players. I’m not hurt about it at all because I don’t expect players to always like the messages or agree with everything I have to say about them,” said Dravid further.

The 49-year-old also stated that both he and team captain Rohit Sharma believe in strong communication regarding squad choices, regardless of the outcome. “Sometimes you have difficult conversations with players. But that doesn’t mean you brush it under the carpet and don’t have the conversations, right? I truly believe in having those conversations before every XI is picked,” said the head coach.

“Even now, either me or Rohit will speak to those not playing. And we are open to answer questions to why they are not playing and what are the reasons for a particular XI that we might play. It’s natural for players at times to get upset and feel hurt,” he added.

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