Rishab Pant Will Play A Big Part In The Next IPL 2022 Matches Says Sanjay Majrekar

Sanjay Majrekar praised Rishabh Pant's performance
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Sanjay Manjrekar, a former Indian cricketer, has expressed his views on the Delhi Capitals’ performance in the matches of the IPL 2022 so far. The cricketer-turned-commentator Sanjay Majrekar praised Rishabh Pant’s performance on the field and predicted that he will play a key part in the next pressure games.

Pant has been playing well in the IPL 2022 match series, striking at 146.94 in six games, and has been able to score 144 runs at a strike rate of 36. With the top of the order being in such a good form, the captain of the team Delhi Capitals has played practically every game as a finisher. Pant, on the other hand, is still a game-changer at the plate.

In an interview with ESPN Cricinfo, Manjrekar stated that Pant’s batting is not a problem and that he has never been a regular performer in the IPL series. Sanjay Manjrekar believes that the southpaw will perform in high-pressure matches. Mqnjrekar said, “He did not get the chance to bat in the last game, but he made 34 runs at a strike rate of 200 in the match previous to that. If we see Pant’s performance in the last 2-3 IPL seasons, he doesn’t score in every fixture.”

Sanjay continued by adding, “Pant is more consistent in Test cricket rather than the IPL. However, he is a big-match player. Right now, the openers are firing, but I expect Pant to play well in the pressure games ahead because as we say ‘class is permanent.”

Manjrekar has also been questioned if the Delhi Capitals had a good chance of making the top four. They did, he conceded, and he went on to say that David Warner and Prithvi Shaw have established a strong batting opener. He stated, “

“Without a doubt. When chasing a low score, one strategy is to play slowly because they are confident in their ability to win the game. The Capitals were pursuing a low-scoring Punjab Kings team. Both players are dangerous and free-spirited hitters, as seen by the way they completed the match.”

Manjrekar went on to say, “It’s worth noting that Prithvi Shaw is on par with David Warner in terms of effect. Warner’s strike rate has been kept maintained by Shaw. As a result, it’s an exciting first pair. The middle-order is yet to fire, but considering how well the top-order has performed, they are not requiring it.”

The Capitals have already had combinations of 67, 93, 50, and 83 since Warner met Shaw at the top. The Capitals, on the other hand, have three victories and three defeats.

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