Process for the ICC Chairman’s Election Is Simplified

ICC Chairman's Election
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 ICC Chairman’s Election: The election procedure for the next chairman has been simplified by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The ICC board has suggested that the procedure this time be made easy and uncomplicated. The last time around in 2020 when elections took place, it was arduous and complicated. In November or December, the chair will either be elected or reelected. 

The candidate receiving 51% of the vote will be deemed elected, per the board’s recommendation. The winner needs a simple majority in a simpler analysis. To put it another way, you only need the support of nine directors on a board with 16 members.

This is in sharp contrast to the voting process used in the most recent election, which took place in 2020. Mathematically, 11 votes were needed to reach the two-thirds majority for Barclay, who defeated Imran Khwaja to win the chair. The problem with the system was that a candidate in a definite minority might prevent the election of a candidate with an absolute, if not two-thirds, majority.

Khwaja actually managed to hold on as Barclay failed to get the necessary number of votes in the first round thanks to the support of a minority group made up of directors from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and South Africa as well as a few other directors. Khwaja, who was the acting chairman at the time, would have won if there had been a tie after two rounds.

When Barclay was able to secure a supporter from the minority group in the second round, the standoff was resolved. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) was widely believed to have played a significant role in swaying the votes in favor of the New Zealanders, notably by dividing the minority group.

All the changes will be finalized in the month of July and August. The new rules will be simpler and help in the easy resolution of any conflict. As of now, it is confirmed who will be in the race for the chairman position. BCCI’s secretary Jay Shah is amongst the top contenders. 

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