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Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen has recently made a shocking statement on Test Cricket and many fans and critics have all agreed with his view.  He feels that the big nations in Test cricket might only play among themselves and this is will leave out the smaller teams.

Recently teams like Australia, England have rarely played a test match against smaller teams like Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. Currently, in the world of Cricket, Bigger teams can play red-ball cricket and the smaller teams who are less popular are only restricted to white-ball games.

We can see that very rarely a smaller team playing a test match and mostly they only get a chance to a one-off test game against big teams like India, Australia, and England.

And the last time when Bangladesh played a longer format against England was back in 2016 and that series was tied with 1-1. In the same way, they have also played their test series against Australia in 2017 and even that particular series was tied with 1-1.

Speaking on this issue KP feels that only five teams might be playing test cricket by the year 2026.

He has taken over Twitter to show his concern towards test cricket and said – “This is painful to tweet but I think this is slowly happening… In 2026 there will only be a few Test Match cricketing nations. ENGLAND INDIA AUSTRALIA Possibly SOUTH AFRICA & PAKISTAN,”

Why Kevin Pietersen Has Made Those Statements

One of the Major cricketing nation New Zealand was unable to host a Test Series because of some financial reason and also other boards like India and Australia have loads of money in their banks but they feel that revenue is only generated a lot if they play against each other.

The ongoing Test series between India and England – Holds a similar kind of importance, where a lot of people are watching the much-awaited battle. This might be shocking to hear but the final day of the Lord’s test match has recorded a viewership of 10.7 million users.

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