Mohammad Azharuddin Removed As HCA President, Issuing Show-Cause Notice

Mohammad Azharuddin Removed As HCA President
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Former India captain Mohammad Azharuddin has been dismissed as president of the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) for breaking certain regulations. The decision was made unanimously by the HCA Apex Council. The council dismissed Azhar and issued a show-cause notice, considering the several pending cases against him. let’s discuss Mohammad Azharuddin Removed As HCA President.

Azharuddin has been in charge of Hyderabad’s cricket operations since September 27, 2019. But there’s been a lot of talk outside about how many decisions he made on his own without consulting the panel since then. In addition to dismissing him, the Apex Council has suspended his membership.

Mohammad Azharuddin Removed As HCA President

An investigation into the allegations filed against Mohammad Azharuddin will be undertaken, and his membership will be suspended until the investigation is finished. The decision to suspend the former cricketer was made during a meeting on May 25, according to the show-cause notice.

“After considering the complaints made by the members against you (Azharuddin), it was decided at the Apex Council meeting on the 10th of this month to issue a show-cause notice on the ground that you have acted in violation of the rules. The Apex Council is suspending you and your membership of HCA is being terminated until completion of the inquiry on these complaints,” the show-cause notice read according to India Today.

Azharuddin is also the mentor of a private cricket club in Dubai that participates in a T10 competition that is not sanctioned by the BCCI, according to the show-cause notice. Earlier this year, Azhar served as the coach of Northern Warriors in the Abu Dhabi T10 League.

Despite being the HCA President for almost 20 months, Mohammad Azharuddin’s term has been troubled by several controversies. He has yet to speak on the subject, and it remains to be seen if the 58-year-old would express his thoughts in public following his dismissal.

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