Matthew Hayden picks his Most Valuable Player of IPL 2021

MS Dhoni
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Former Australian batsmen Matthew Hayden have opened up his opinion on the Most Valuable Player of IPL 2021 – He believes that according to him MS Dhoni is that rare gem and for him, he is the MVP for this season. Dhoni has been an inspiration for all the young cricketers, not only Indian players but other foreign players also take Dhoni as their inspiration.

He always rises up to every challenge – His speed of running between the wickets, His master strategies, and lighting speed stumpings none of the young players could even match his abilities.

He is absolutely rising to the challenge – Hayden

In a recent interview Hayden – “Most valuable player, even though he hasn’t had the best of tournaments so far, is still MS Dhoni. As a leader of the side, he is absolutely rising to the challenge. He is older obviously but he has got the reigns and he is cracking them hard and his side is responding,”

He has also said – “MS Dhoni when the IPL was first conceived, had a very strong younger side. He has got it now because of the strategies of having you know the loyalty amongst their selection. He’s got an older side but what we have seen in MS’s style is that he has still promoted the best out of guys like DJ Bravo, for example, Faf du Plessis and others that are having a magnificent tournament,”

He has concluded by saying – “So for me, his style is again and the greats do this, they shift and alter gears according to how their assets lie

Currently, CSK is at the top of the table and they are expected to finish in the Top 2 positions of the IPL 2021 points table. Under the leadership of MS Dhoni – Chennai Super Kings is aiming for the title this season. Most of the CSK players right from batsmen to bowlers, every player is in great form and they are one of the top favorites for IPL 2021 title Hyden believes MS Dhoni Most Valuable Player of IPL 2021.