Kapil Dev Advises Kohli And Ganguly To Avoid Controversy Before SA Tour

Kapil Dev Advise To Kohli And Ganguly Before SA Tour
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Former India captain Kapil Dev has reacted to Virat Kohli’s statements during a news conference on Wednesday, December 15. Kohli revealed that he was not urged to remain as T20I captain by any of the board members. This opposed a preceding statement given by BCCI president Sourav Ganguly. Let’s discuss Kapil Dev Advice To Kohli And Ganguly Before SA Tour.

Kapil Dev Advice To Kohli And Ganguly Before SA Tour

Last week, Ganguly claimed that he had personally asked Kohli to stay as T20I captain. As a result, Kohli’s statements highlighted a separation between him and the management. According to Dev, now may not be the time to debate the issue because India is about to face the competition against South Africa.

“It is not good to point fingers on anybody at this point in time. The South Africa tour is coming and please pay attention to the tour. I would say the Board president is the Board president but yes the Indian cricket team captain is also a big thing. But talking badly about each other in public, I don’t think it is a good thing, whether it is Sourav or Kohli,” Kapil Dev told.

Beginning on December 26, India and South Africa will play 3 Test games and 3 ODIs. As a result, the former India player encouraged Kohli to take command of the issue and actively pursue the country. He went on to say that creating a controversy so close to a crucial tour is wrong.

“Please control the situation and it’s better to think about the country now and I don’t think it is right to stoke a controversy before a tour,” Dev added.

Earlier, it was speculated that Kohli will be unavailable for the ODIs against the SA. On the other hand, t The daring batsman, dismissed all reports and indicated that he is eligible for selection in the 50-over games. He also addressed speculations of his potential conflict with Rohit, stating everything is fine and that the duo has no issues.

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