13 Cr cash prize for the Winners of the 2022 T20 World Cup

ICC T20 World Cup Prize
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ICC announced the prize money for the upcoming T20 world cup in Australia.

ICC T20 World Cup Prize Structure

The two rounds of the 16-team event will begin on October 16. The tournament’s total prize pool is 43.5 Cr.

There will be eight teams competing in the first round: Namibia, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, and Zimbabwe are in Group B. Each team will receive 32.5 Lakhs if they win this round.

To advance to the Super 12 round, four teams—the top two from each group must qualify. They will then join South Africa, Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, and Pakistan there. A total of 32.5 Lakhs will be awarded to each team that is eliminated in the first round.

Each victory in the Super 12 phase will earn a team 32.5 Lakhs as well. Like in 2021, each of the eight teams who lose in the Super 12 stage will receive 57.8 Lakhs.

Winner’s Prize Money

The prize money for the 2022 T20 World Cup in Australia will be 1.6 million US$, same as the last year’s tournament, the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced on Friday morning. In a similar spirit, the runners-up will receive $800,000, and the two losing semi-finalists will each receive 3.2 Cr.

Similar to the previous competition, the losers will receive 3.2 Cr each and the runners-up 6.4 Cr.

Drinks Break during a Match

The ICC also revealed that there will be official drinks breaks during the competition, which include a 2.5-minute stoppage in play at the 10-over mark in each inning.

Prize Money Chart

Winners = 13Cr
Runners-up = 6.5Cr
Losing Semi-Finalists = 3.2Cr
Super 12 Wins = 32.6 Lakhs
Super 12 Exits = 57.8 Lakhs
First Round Win = 32.6 Lakhs
First Round Exit = 32.6 Lakhs

T20 World Cup

Additionally, as was the case during the 2016 tournament. The ICC will continue to give a bonus sum for each victory during the Super 12 stage of the competition. There will be a total prize pool of 9.7 Cr will be split among the winners of each of the 30 matches played during the Super 12 stage.

Cricket the Business

Cricket is becoming more than just a game, it’s an entertaining event, and I believe domestic competitions like the IPL have a lot to do with that. Right from the player selection process onward, IPLs are keenly anticipated. There are opening ceremonies, pyrotechnics, numerous batsmen-invented shots, new bowling strategies, sledding, replays, and so many other things.

All of these activities significantly increase the entertainment value of the sport, and I believe this is one of the primary factors contributing to its increasing global appeal. Not just in these, but also in the other games, the participants on the field perform tasks other than only batting.

As a result, cricket is primarily a field of entertainment, and huge development is taking place in terms of revenue evolving with time, nowadays teams and players get paid in huge numbers.

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