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Pat Cummins Clarifies Details Of Justin Langer’s Exit As Head Coach

Australia’s Test skipper, Pat Cummins has made a statement clarifying the uncertainties surrounding the resignation of former head coach Justin Langer. Langer recently resigned as Australian Men’s Team Head Coach, and Pat Cummins made an official statement on Wednesday to express his opinion on the former opening batsman’s resignation. Here is Cummins Clarifies Details Of Langer’s Exit

Although admitting that Langer’s coaching tactics were tough, Cummins stated that the players have found a way to deal with his unique coaching strategies.

Justin Langer has acknowledged that his style was intense. And it was,” Cummins’ statement read. “He has apologized to players and staff for his intensity. “I think the apology was unnecessary”.

“Because the players were ok with JL’s intensity. It came from a good place – his fierce love of Australia and the baggy green – something which has served Australian cricket well for three decades”, Cummins statement added.

Pat Cummins Clarifies Details Of Justin Langer’s Exit As Head Coach :

Justin will be a welcome face in the change room in the future: Pat Cummins

“It’s what makes him a legend of the sport. “And Justin’s intensity drove a better team culture and higher team standards. These are significant Justin Langer legacies. “And on behalf of the players, I thank Justin”.

“More than that, we owe him a lot and Justin will be a welcome face in the change room in the future. “So, his intensity was not the issue for the players and the support staff”, said Cummins.

Pat Cummins praised Cricket Australia (CA) for making the bold choice to appoint a new coach after winning the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup and an Ashes series in the previous 6 months.

“The question is: what is the best style of coaching for the future, given how the team has evolved?” the statement continued.

“We have been very well-schooled in how to play cricket in the right way – in the correct Australian way. We understand the importance of always playing to the highest ethical standards”.

“And the players need no motivation as I’ve never played with more motivated cricketers. To be better players for Australia, from this solid foundation, we need a new style of coaching and skill set. This was the feedback the players gave to Cricket Australia. And it’s the feedback I understand support staff also gave”, the statement read.

Our first duty is to Australian cricket, which is bigger than any one of us: Cummins

“We welcome that Cricket Australia invited the players and staff to contribute to CA’s evaluation. I add that as professional sportspeople we would have accepted any decision CA were to make because that’s what professionals do. CA have made a brave call to transition, given the team has been winning”.

“Finally, we are custodians of cricket, with one very big thing in common: our first duty is to Australian cricket, which is bigger than any one of us. I take this responsibility seriously. I live and breathe it. We also have a duty to our mates.”

Many of Langer’s fellow players expressed their dissatisfaction at his resignation, and Cummins disclosed that he had met with many of them personally.

“Many former players have reached out to me and silently offered me their advice which is welcome. Some others have spoken in the media – which is also welcome and comes from a love of the game and their support of a mate. To all past players, I want to say this: Just as you have always stuck up for your mates, I’m sticking up for mine,” Cummins added.



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