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IPL 2021: Most Popular Teams On Social Media, Mumbai Indians On Top With 25.5 M Followers

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a gift that keeps on giving. It is one of the most valued properties in the world. The IPL is beneficial for not just the players but even for the teams at large. The advertisers have a field day during the entire course of an IPL season. The fan wars which happen on social media platforms provide a different narrative to the proceedings as well. IPL 2021 teams have taken to social media pretty seriously and have strengthened their fanbase on social media platforms.

We at StumpsandBails look at the most popular teams on Social media.

#8 Rajasthan Royals (7.1M followers)

The inaugural IPL champions, Rajasthan Royals have often flown under the radar. They were even known as the money-ball team at one point in time. The Royals have always provided opportunities to young talent and the likes of Steve Smith, Sanju Samson have blossomed under the franchise. This facet of RR has always earned them admirers. They have a cumulative total of 7.1M followers across 3 social media platforms. RR’s Facebook followers comprise 4.3M while their Twitter and the Instagram channel has 1.4M followers each.

#7 Sunrisers Hyderabad (10.5M followers)

The Sunrisers Hyderabad franchise is the New Zealand team of the IPL. Everybody’s second favourite team is SRH. It is primarily owing to the way they play the game. The franchise has been built around the likes of David Warner, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kane Williamson, and Rashid Khan. All these players allow their performances to do the talking. Their style reflects SRH’s mindset. The Hyderabad franchise has 10.5M followers across platforms with Facebook being the leading source with 6M followers followed by Twitter (2.4M) and Instagram (2.1M) followers

#6 Delhi Capitals (10.8M followers)

The Delhi franchise have found a new voice and new energy ever since they renamed their team as the Delhi Capitals. The Shreyas Iyer-led team qualified for consecutive playoffs in 2019 and 2020. Their social media traction has also seen an upward curve. They have a fan base of 10.8M followers in total. Facebook leads the charge for them with 7M followers. While Instagram comes in at 2nd place with 2.1M followers and Twitter has 1.7M followers.

#5 Punjab Kings (12.7M followers)

Preity Zinta has ensured that the Punjab franchise always stays in the news. The co-owner of Punjab Kings, Preity Zinta has a strong presence on social media, this reflects in the numbers for the team too. To add to it, Punjab have the likes of KL Rahul and Chris Gayle in their ranks, which boosts their social media game. They have a total of 12.7M followers comprising Facebook (8.5M), Twitter (2.3M), and Instagram (1.9M) followers.

#4 Royal Challengers Bangalore (19.1M followers)

The Bangalore franchise have been a crowd favourite for years. They have unprecedented support from their city-based fans. RCB fans love their team endlessly. The social media numbers are proof of this. They have a total follower count of 19.1M. Facebook leads from the front when it comes to RCB. They have 9.4M followers on Facebook. While they have 5.5M followers on Instagram and 4.2M followers on Twitter.

#3 Kolkata Knight Riders (22.4M followers)

Shahrukh Khan, the co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders is arguably one of the biggest brands of the IPL. His fandom and popularity has rubbed onto the KKR franchise. They have a fierce and very loyal fan base. Their overall social media count of followers is a whopping 22.4M. They have 16M followers on Facebook. While their Instagram fan base is 2.2M and they have 4.2M loyal followers on Twitter.

#2 Chennai Super Kings (24.6M followers)

The men in yellow have an outstanding fan base. They are not just passionate but knowledgeable too. The CSK fans swear by their heroes especially MS Dhoni who is the single most popular factor of the team. CSK has 24.6M followers on social media. Their Facebook following is insane with 12M followers while their Instagram handle has 6.2M followers. Their Twitter fan base isn’t far too with 6.4M followers.

#1 Mumbai Indians (25.5M followers)

Mumbai Indians are the most successful IPL team with 5 IPL wins under their belt. They are at the top of the tree when it comes to social media property too. They lead the race with 25.5M followers across platforms. MI has 13M followers on Facebook. While they have 6.3M followers on Instagram and 6.2M followers on Twitter.

Vignesh Rajagopal
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