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England Vs Pakistan Live Cricket Score 3rd Test Day 1:England Make Their Foothold Strong

Welcome to the complete updates of 3rd Test match of England vs Pakistan at Rose Bowl in Southampton:

Pitch Report:

The pitch is dry and the weather is a lot better than the last test. There is, however, a lot of wind blowing through the stadium.

Weather Forecast:

Showers are likely to disrupt the third and final test. However though rain is not anticipated on the second and third days, it could be spoil sport later today.

Revised Timings:

After constructive talks with the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and the International Cricket Council (ICC), led by Match Refree Chris Broad and other stakeholders, including media partners, the ECB and the ICC decided to update the start times before the # raisethebat Third Test beginning on Friday at Ageas Bowl. The flexible approach would allow the possibility of making up time for bad weather during the morning session of the next few days rather than at the end of the day, “the ECB said in a statement.

Rain Delays Toss:

The toss was officially delayed due to bad weather as it was raining.

England Won Toss, And Elected To Bat:

Joe Root wins the toss, and he decides to fight. Jofra Archer was seen warming up, and he was included on the side instead of Sam Curran. It ensures that England will have a bowl of Smith, Broad and Archer. Pakistan’s batsmen better look out for that.

Match Begins:

The third test starts in Southampton. Rory Burns and Sibley are in the crease. Shaheen Afridi is opening the assault. It’s the last test of the season. England is already out of the boundary line.

Wicket – ENG 12/1:

Breakthrough right away! Or is that it? Shaheen Afridi gets Burns to take the third fall. Umpires are going through a check. There’s a soft signal out. So the decision is going to stay out. England would lose one of their opportunities early. Rory Burns will collapse for 6 out of 13. Falling in the slips to the Shaheen again. ENG 12/1 to 4.3

Yasir Shah Brought On Early:

Shaheen has the ball almost kissed the top of Sibley’s off stump a few times. Crawley goes down a few steps to stop the disturbance in the breeze. Abbas is pulling his length further down. Many hopeful moments for the Batsmen of England. Yasir Shah was brought early in the attack. In the 11th position. Sibley is trying to charge the spinner. Crawley extends his arms against the spinner later in the back as well, slicing it beyond the point for a couple. ENG 39/1 after 11 years.

50-Partnership Drifts Game Away From PAK:

Crawley flicks for four to a fine leg as Naseem drifts to his feet. The 21-year-old ventures into his 30s, still pounding at a strike pace of more than 80. Nearly plays a good shot too often, plays a delivery to his stumps. Crawley then plays a superb cover drive for three runs to bring up the 50-partnership with Sibley, with Crawley contributing the most runs in that. Yasir Shah continues, but unable to have much of an impact so far. Doesn’t have any footholes to strike right now. ENG 65/1 after 17 years.

Sibley Given Out – Yasir Strikes:

Sibley has been granted LBW. Yasir Shah is impressive. The opener will fall to 22. Pakistan stayed with Yasir Shah despite his poor start, and he’s going to get a reward for them. One day, Sibley stepped out of his crease, too many, and he’s got quite a plumb. Root is going out at 4. ENG 73/2 to 18.2.

No Runs For 17 Balls:

Shaheen is keeping his line away from Crawley. Crawlew shows all the characteristics of the great No 3 with his patient leaves. Interesting to notice that he has now moved back into his crease. Indicates that the late movement in the air has ceased. Swings at one level and misses. His tolerance was running out of time. And the Shaheen bowls are another lady! No runs scored for the last 17 bats. ING 85/2 after 26.

Afternoon Session:

Abbas will begin proceedings for Pakistan in the afternoon session. Crawley and Root are going out to fight in windy conditions. Root pushes a single to continue. Abbas also bowls the outside line to Crawley. ENG 93/2 after the 29th.

Yasir Strikes Again, England 4 Down:

Crawley rocks back and pulls the high shot to the deep midwicket toward Yasir. And then there’s the fourth wicket. Ollie Pope will crash for just three. He’s torn up by Yasir’s googly. Bowled clean at the windows. Pakistan has hit twice in a short succession. Buttler is going out at 6 to join Crawley. Pressure for England now.

Crawley’s Highest Test Score:

And as predicted, Buttler also gives Pakistan some chances. The ball lands just shy of the fielder, while the ball pings his bat and bounces up in the air. Buttler then sweeps and fails Yasir Shah and is raped on the pad. Shaheen Afridi is coming back to the attack in the 46th position. Crawley crashes a shot through the covers to move to 78, his best test score to date. So the 150th of England came up with that. ENG 150/4 to 46.

Umpires Have A Discussion With Yasir:

Buttler proceeds to demonstrate how he can hurt himself every once in a while. Rocks back against Yasir Shah and cuts control to four. The ombudsmen saw a long conversation with Yasir Shah and Azhar Ali. Atherton conjectures that it may be because Yasir often licks his fingers before bowling. Arbitrators can impose 5-run penalties on teams for the use of saliva in these Covid periods. Arbitrators can impose 5-run penalties on teams for the use of saliva in these Covid periods. Shaheen is chosen for a few singles on the side of the head. ENG 168/4, 52.

Tea – ENG 184/4:

Fawad Alam sneaks another one in easily. That leaves Crawley one of them in front of Tea to get to his 100, his first Test 100. In fact, so far, he’s only had 3 First Class centuries. Wasim Akram says that it was undoubtedly ‘in our day’ for any English player to be given an international cap after just three centuries. Yasir Shah is taken back to the bowl at the end of the session. Crawley happy to push to long off for a single. ENG 184/4 after 56.

Final Session:

Crawley, going through two sessions, is on the 97th. Buttler, who’s stuck around long enough to create a 57-run stand with Crawley, is with him. Abbas is going to take the ball to continue. The faces of Crawley.

100 For Crawley:

Crawley brings his 100, the maiden test ton, from the first one after the restart. The dressing room in England applauds. Crawley’s 100 come out of 171 bats. Scored his first 45 runs at a strike rate of 100, but from then on he dominated England’s innings. ING 188/4 after 57

ENG 200/4 After 62:

This partnership is now the highest ranking in this inning. Crawley has been the scorer-in-chief, but Buttler, once again, has disappointed Pakistan just as it appeared beyond the grasp of the English tail. Visitors start with Naseem and Abbas, but at the moment, the batsmen are at the top. Drag the ball across the field at will. Crawley is taking up England’s 200. It’s going to 112. EN 200/4 after 62.

Crawley Keeps Plundering Runs:

Yasir Shah brought the attack. The leg spinner comes in with the evergreen grin on his face. Shane Warne says that this pitch is likely to get really dry in the air and change a lot in the later days of this test, when Yasir may have a huge role to play. Near a call for Buttler as he leaves a googly Yasir and the ball just hits the stump. Naseem continues to be disciplined by Crawley, who swivels and pulls a short ball for four. 206/4 ENG after 64

Buttler Smashes Yasir For 16 In A Over:

Pakistan is going to get some fast overs in. Rizwan is also coming up to the stumps for Naseem. Crawley crashes the boundary of the past point against Naseem. Buttler continues to play in his ODI mode, to dance down the tracks to Yasir, and to cart it down the ground for a flat six. And there are six more balls down the deck, two more later! Buttler on fire, man! It’s going to finish the over with a four. ING 229/4 after 67.

132-Run Partnership Deflates Pakistan:

Pakistan, which looks deflated by this 132-strong alliance, is carrying Fawad Alam. This partnership has raised England’s run rate to 3.5. Crawley is also taking the reverse sweep to Fawad Alam, beating as if his day were today. A drink break is taken, with one hour or so left on Day 1. ENG 261/4 after 75 years.

150 For Crawley:

Crawley gently sweeps Yasir for four to square legs and moves to 149 *. Gets down to 150 with a single one. He lifts his bat, steps down to shake Buttler ‘s hand, but looks ready to move on to do more. Buttler and Crawley are both taking singles at will now. ENG 275/4 after 78 °.

Pakistan Take New Ball And Shaheen Starts With 3 No Balls:

The batting pair is running Pakistan ragged right now. Turn them into twos and score up to 6 per over. Pakistan will take the new ball as soon as it is available. Shaheen Afridi is carried with him to the bowl of the attack. He’s bowling a ball and a ball on the pads that run away for four leg byes to start. And two more balls on the front foot! Shaheen has a no-ball horror series. Crawley cuts him down for four, when he actually bowls a safe ball.

Punishing Session For Pakistan – 5 Overs Left:

Another costly one from Shaheen, even as Abbas holds the batsmen on a fairly tight noose at the other end. The ball wide down the side of the leg goes for four leg byes. Buttler will drive him down the ground for another four later in the over. Azhar Ali is heading to Naseem, not long before Stumps. Five o’clock left. Naseem is starting with a maiden. EN 322/4 after 86.

Naseem, Abbas Looking To End Day 1 With A Twist In The Tail:

Abbas takes an edge from Buttler, but the edge does not pass to Babar Azam again. Beats the bat with some late seam movement later in the over as well, but can’t do enough to split this stand. In his 170s, Crawley plays another maiden over from Naseem. ENG 322/4 after 88.

End Of Day 1 – ENG 332/4:

With honesty, Crawley defends Abbas. Buttler produces a shot through the four covers to bring up the 200-run mark for this collaboration. What a command show this was from this pair on Day 1. Buttler hits one of the pads to get three runs on the leg side and shifts to 87. Crawley sees the last ball pass in. EN 332/4 after 90.

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