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Best Cricket Bats In India

The Indian subcontinent is the biggest cricketing audience base around the world. The people here are crazy about the sport. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh have passionate cricket lovers. The rise of Afghanistan has added a new dimension to the Asian cricketing setup.  Look at best cricket bats in India.

Cricket lovers in this part of the world love seeing batsmen score big runs. They love watching huge sixes and massive run fests. Herein comes the tool at their disposal that is so often unspoken about. The bats that these batters use. It has so often had a say in the outcome of a game. The broader bats have taken the ball to the cleaners. Owing to the thickness and size of these bats, the margins have narrowed even more. The traditional cricketing powerhouses have often manufactured willows that have received rave reviews. But their Indian counterparts aren’t far away.

StumpsandBails brings to you the list of best cricket bats made in India:

When kids first start watching the game, they often mistake the brands that sponsor the bat as their manufacturers. For example, the MRF-sponsored bat was part of every Indian kid’s growing up folklore. Hence it is important to look at 3 important aspects that one must consider before buying the bat.

  • Type of wood
  • Bat’s weight
  • Bat’s size

Apart from these 3 major factors, there are finer details that will draw a cricket connoisseur’s attention towards the bat. The bat’s handle, grains on the bat, edge thickness, sweet spot, shock absorption are other facets that are key to a bat’s finish.

Types of woods that make cricket bats:

Kashmir Willow

The Kashmir willow is popular for its sweet sound and shape. They are less expensive than the English willow ones. But don’t rule them out owing to that fact. Because these willows can easily endure rough usage. These bats received a huge boost when Sachin Tendulkar scored his 35th Test ton using it.

English Willow

English willow is easily one of the finest wood used to make a cricket bat. The majority of the players use this willow owing to its lightweight and shock absorption feature. Current Indian men’s team captain. Virat Kohli uses Grade-A English willow bat. His bats are characterised by a curved blade that has a thickness of 38 to 42 mm.

Selected Willow

These bats are largely designed for kids playing at the street level. The selected willows ready the youngsters for the next level.

What is the ideal weight of a bat?

Laws of Cricket recommend that a bat should ideally weigh between 1.2 to 1.4 kg. But there is no rigid standard as such. Virat Kohli uses bats that usually weigh between 1.1 and 1.23 kg. However, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar used to play with a 1.51 kg cricket bat as he preferred playing with heavier bats.

The bat weight is really a matter of choice and suitability. It is quite a simple test to find out what suits you better. If you are a right-handed batsman, try to hold the bat with your left hand alone and try to mock a shot. If you are doing it comfortably, then it is ideal for you. In case your hands are not stable, then it’s probably a bit heavier for you.

In addition to this, if one plays with a heavy bat, shots like a hook, pull, or square cut would be tough to play, but the drives would become easier.

The ideal size of a cricket bat:

Laws of Cricket state that the length of the bat should not exceed 38 inches (965 mm). The width shouldn’t be more than 4.25 inches (108 mm) and the overall depth shouldn’t be more than 2.64 inches (67 mm). While the edge thickness should not be more than 1.56 inches (40 mm).

Best cricket bats in India:

New Balance BURN [Wood: Kashmir willow, Weight: 1200-1250 grams, Size: Short handle]

These bats are easier to grip and the willow quality is top-notch. The bats are slightly heavier as compared to others in the market.

SG Cobra Xtreme [Wood: English willow, Weight: 1180-1190 grams, Size: Short handle]

These bats come with a toe protector ensuring better durability. They are made of premium, imported Saravak cane for superior control. Bats are well oiled. But they need knocking initially to get the best out of it.

New Balance CW DC 480 [Wood: Kashmir willow, Weight: 1200-1275 grams, Size: Short handle]

These bats are high on visual appeal. They have thick edges and possess a curved blade. These bats offer brilliant design and balance.

SG Scorer Classic [Wood: Kashmir willow, Weight: 1100 grams, Size: Short handle]

It is well oiled and lightweight. The design is an absolute classic. But as the bats are covered with white coating, it is hard to guess the quality of the wood.

Spartan Chris Gayle Run [Wood: English willow, Weight: 1100-1250 grams, Size: Short handle]

These bats are lightweight and are inexpensive. They boast of a large edge with optimal concaveness providing the extra hitting force. 

Gray-Nicolls POWER BOW Smash Exclusive 2019 [Wood: Kashmir willow, Weight: 1180-1250 grams, Size: Short handle] 

It provides good balance and has a big sweet spot amplifying power hitting. But these bats have weird bat covers and they don’t have a curve on the blade.

Spartan MSD Run [Wood: English willow, Weight: less than 1000 grams, Size: Short handle]

These bats are lightweight and provide a good balance. But they come without pre-knocking.

Spartan MS Dhoni King [Wood: Kashmir willow, Weight: 1000-1200 grams, Size: 1, 2, 4, 5]

These bats are ideal for street-level cricket and tennis ball cricket. Not recommended for high-level cricketing professionals.

Protos Blaster [Wood: Kashmir willow, Weight: 1200-1250 grams, Size: Short handle]

These bats are inexpensive and provide large sweet spots. They don’t boast of a high-quality willow.

GM 1601258 [Wood: Kashmir willow, Weight: 920-975 grams, Size: 5]

They boast of top-quality manufacturing and are provided with pre-knocking. Owing to the glass fibre tape, the quality of wood cannot be determined.

Kookaburra Verve 250 [Wood: English willow, Weight: 1200 grams, Size: short handle]

These are top-quality Grade II English willows and are naturally dried. The angular toe provided by these bats ensures better hand positioning. They are slightly heavy for an English willow.

GM Zelos 222 [Wood: Kashmir willow, Weight: 1250-1300 grams, Size: Short handle]

These bats are an ideal mix of power and stroke. They come with a superior cushioned grip. GM Zelos bats are great for punching the ball around.

SG RSD Spark [Wood: Kashmir willow, Weight: 1200 grams, Size: 3,4,5,6, Short handle]

These are inexpensive bats even though they are made of premium quality. But these bats lack a bit of feel.

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