Sehwag Reacts On Controversial Statements Made By Ranatunga

Virender Sehwag
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Former Sri Lankan player Arjuna Ranatunga has criticized the Sri Lanka Cricket Board for hosting the 2nd string Indian team for a limited-over series and termed it as an insult. Currently, Team India has won the 1st ODI game against Sri Lanka on 18th July 2021. Sehwag slams Ranatunga.

IND vs SL 2021:  Virender Sehwag slams Ranatunga, says this team can even beat Kohli’s men in England

Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag has reacted to the statements made by Ranatunga and classified those comments as “Rude” and declared that – “With the kind of talent India possesses, no national team can be called a ‘B’ side.”

Sehwag said –  “Arjuna Ranatunga was a bit rude in saying that. He might have thought this is a ‘B’ team but the strength of Indian cricket is such that you can send any team and it won’t be a ‘B’ team. This is perhaps the benefit of the IPL, we have so much talent that we can’t accumulate in a single team. This team is equally talented,”

He also added – “What he’s calling a ‘B’ team – which we don’t accept – if they play against the current players in England, they will defeat them in a few games too,”

Sehwag further added that SLC and former players should be thankful to BCCI for supporting them financially.

Speaking about 2nd string Indian Team, Sehwag said – “I don’t think this is a ‘B’ team. The Sri Lankan board should instead thank the Indian board for even sending the team. They (BCCI) could have easily said, ‘We are unavailable, let’s have this tour sometime else’.

He has concluded by saying – “They should be at least grateful for this team which will financially help the board and its players. If the Indian team had not gone there, they (SLC) would have lost the funds and sponsorships for all six games,”

India has won the 1st ODI game with a margin of 7 wickets and 13.2 overs to spare – After the huge win, India is now leading the series with 1-0 and will face the Lankans in the 2nd ODI on 20th July 2021.

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