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ICC T20 World Cup Team Rankings

The T20 World Cup 2022 is coming to the end We have seen all kinds of turnarounds and our predictions were not up to the mark. But finally, we have come up with T20 WC Team Rankings and the analysis for the same. 

Let’s take a look at T20 World Cup 2022 Team Rankings:

S No. Teams Matches Won Loss N R NRR Points
1 India 5 4 1 0 1.319 8
2 New Zealand 5 3 1 1 2.113 7
3 England 5 3 1 1 0.473 7
4 Australia 5 3 1 1 -0.173 7
5 Pakistan 5 3 2 0 1.028 6
6 South Africa 5 2 2 1 0.874 5
7 Srilanka 5 2 3 0 -0.422 4
8 Netherlands 5 2 3 0 -0.849 4
9 Bangladesh 5 2 3 0 -1.176 4
10 Ireland 5 1 3 1 -1.615 3
11 Zimbabwe 5 1 3 1 -1.138 3
12 Afghanistan 5 0 3 2 -0.571 2


India T20 WC Team Rankings

India was the first team from Group 2 to get to the semifinals. The team’s charismatic performance in their opening game against Pakistan made it clear to everyone that they are not in this to play around. The squad had the worst batting performance when they lost to South Africa, and it was not a pleasant sight. However, they quickly bounced back, and now they are on fire. After defeating every opponent along the road, they have earned a spot in the semifinals. England, who is currently in excellent form, is their next target. Let’s observe how it develops.

New Zealand T20 WC Team Rankings

New Zealand is the first Group 1 team to advance to the Semifinals. They also deserve the award the most. In the World Cup, they have only lost one game, and that was against worthy England. They destroyed Australia in their opening match, which served as the tournament’s launching pad for them. The Blackcaps defeated Ireland to guarantee their spot in the semifinals. They deserve to get to the finals and, most likely, win their first ICC title, if we take the team into account.

England T20 WC Team Rankings

The English team also had a voyage. That was such a change from when they beat Ireland. One of the tournament’s least experienced teams defeated the squad with the T20 game’s most significant players. After that, they lost to Australia. It was a vital game for both teams, but Australia suffered more as a result. They merely needed to win the remaining games, which they did fairly. With the victory over New Zealand in one of the most important games, we believed England was a more deserved team than Australia to go to the semifinals, and they did.

Australia T20 WC Team Rankings

Australia lost to New Zealand in the opening match in group 1, which was a major setback for the hosts. The neighbors utterly decimated them, which must have ruined their confidence going into the championship. We had a sight of it. The tenacious Australians, who are renowned for their never-say-die spirit, appeared weak, and in their upcoming matches against Ireland and Afghanistan, they just lacked the spark to win them by a significant margin, which was required. The reigning Champions’ tour came to an end when their most crucial game against England was postponed.

Pakistan T20 WC Team Rankings

Pakistan entered this World Cup with the best possible luck. After losing their opening game against India, they had to deal with one of the largest comebacks of the tournament when they lost to Zimbabwe. Their odds of making the cut were slim, and that’s when their luck started to work. When South Africa fell to the Netherlands on the last day of the Super 12, despite having defeated all other teams in route (except from Pakistan). We knew the winner of the match between Bangladesh and Pakistan would advance at that point, which was once more one of the biggest turnarounds in ICC tournament history. Bangladesh was easily defeated by Pakistan, and they advanced to the semifinals.

Srilanka and Ireland T20 WC Team Rankings

Sri Lanka was considered to be the tournament’s dark horse, although Ireland also played this role in the group. They failed to perform as expected and defeat teams that were ranked higher than them. Ireland, though, was the team that brought about the change and kept things interesting for the group, and we are pleased with that. We anticipated more from Sri Lanka, who defeated Ireland and Afghanistan in their matches. Ireland only managed to win one game, which is shocking, but they did it against England, which puts them in a great position.

Zimbabwe and Netherlands T20 WC Team Rankings

The group 2 underdogs were Zimbabwe and the Netherlands. They triumphed over the fiercest opposition, with South Africa and Pakistan pulling off surprises that few anticipated. Even if they lost every other game, they have improved significantly over the previous year, and they should be proud of the calibre of cricket they are playing. It’s wonderful to watch them acclimate to the T20 format so effectively.

Bangladesh T20 WC Team Rankings

Prior to the T20 World Cup, Bangladesh showed no form. Even though the squad was having trouble winning games, its World Cup run was not as disastrous as everyone had anticipated. The two teams they were predicted to defeat, Zimbabwe and the Netherlands, were defeated by them. In addition, they presented India with fierce competition, which was pleasing to them. They should be proud of the excellent cricket they played.

Afghanistan T20 WC Team Rankings

Finally, the team with the most defeats and the worst luck was Afghanistan. They lost the other games, and their two matches were washed out. We believe that given their previous prior results, they deserved more because they completed their voyage at the bottom of the list.

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