Chaos at MCG; Adam Zampa’s run out overruled by third umpire

Adam Zampa run-out
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Adam Zampa run-out drama

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Adam Zampa run-out attempt: The Big Bash League match between the Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades on Tuesday, saw Adam Zampa run out Tom Rogers at the non-end striker for swiping a run before the delivery was finished, but the third umpires overruled the wicket and were in the batsman’s favor.

Now, this is going viral on social media and creating a buzz about the decision of giving not out.

With the Renegades’ score at 139/7, the incident occurred on the penultimate pitch of the inning. The third umpire reportedly overruled the on-field umpire’s decision to rule the batter not out. He made his choice in light of Zampa’s bowling arm’s inclination.

Big Bash League: What Exactly Happened?

Using a cover drive, Rogers connected with the first pitch he faced, and Mackenzie Harvey successfully finished a second run off the pitch after a wild throw. At this point, there were two balls left in the Renegade’s inning. They had a score of 139-7 at that point in time. Zampa entered the ring to pitch at Harvey.

Rogers was unmistakably in the crease up until Zampa’s delivery stride when he was behind the stumps. Zampa attempted to deliver the ball, but Rogers had already left the crease by the time he raised his bowling arm. Rogers had already left the crease by the time Zampa’s arm was right above his head.

After this, the on-field umpires were not sure whether to give it as out or not, so they turned to the third umpire who then ruled it as a not out.

Big Bash League: What is the exact rule?

Law 38.3.1: “The non-striker is liable to be run out if the non-striker is out of his/her ground at any time from the moment the ball enters play to the instant when the bowler would normally have been expected to release the ball.”

Big Bash League: Zampa’s Comments on the incident after the game

Adam Zampa in the post-match press conference said that “Running out of the crease before I bowled it, to his advantage; I bowled a good ball to Mackenzie Harvey [the batter on strike], which probably should have been one if he [Rogers] hadn’t done that. So, I guess, he used that to his advantage. So I thought, that ball, if he doesn’t want to be on strike, then I’ll make it a little bit easier for him.”

He also added by saying “If you haven’t let the ball go, then I had assumed that the batter still has to be in the crease, but apparently if you finish your action and they can assume you have bowled the ball, then they are allowed to leave the crease.

“I don’t know if I fired him up, but he was the pick of the bowlers tonight,” Zampa conceded. He also “didn’t even notice” when the MCG crowd booed him, countering, “I think I was well within my right to do it. It’s in the rulebook. As you saw, I just got my technique wrong. He was always halfway down the wicket. It’s in the rulebook.” (Source- ESPNcricinfo)

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