Australia Opens Stadiums For Small Crowds After COVID-19

Australia To Open Stadiums For Small Crowds After COVID-19
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Soon, small parts of the stadium were full of crowds in Australia. According to sources, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Australia said that the crowd can be allowed to watch the sports events slowly in Australia in which the coronavirus has been spreading across Australia.

For more than a week, Australia has not reported a COVID-19 death. 102 COVID-19 deaths and 7,200 positive cases were already observed in the country.

Sporting events already permitted in Australia, but no crowds are yet allowed. On Friday, Australia’s national cabinet will discuss how to further ease the restriction of social distancing, including allowing small, spaced stadium crowds.

Australia is hosting the T20 World Cup according to recent reports

Australia’s deputy medical officer Paul Kelly told the media that there are provisions that will allow people to start watching sports again in the stadium. “We will try and get back as normal as we can, and I’d like to join many people to watch a football match. But we have to do it stage by stage, “said Kelly

In May, Australia ‘s national cabinet decided on a three-stage plan to take away a large part of the social distance by July, though it did mention crowds at sporting venues could be problematic. The restriction was slowly eased over the past few weeks by states and territories across Australia.

The lockdown, which announced in March, has also come to an end. This lockdown was to stop the COVID-19 spread that the country accomplished successfully.

Currently, Australia has less than 500 active cases. For cricket fans, it could be particularly good. In October and November, the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup will take place in Australia. It rumored before that the tournament would relocate, but there’s no reason why the tournament can’t be held if the conditions eventually get better.

However, it is highly unlikely that ICC will have an international event that is restricted only to Television viewing. For the next cricketing summer of 2020-21, Cricket Australia (CA) revealed a host of bilateral matches. However, the country currently faces several economic problems.

Australia’s treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, on Wednesday, said that the country’s economy had slipped into recession after official data showed gross domestic product fell last quarter and entire business sectors were closed down to fight the coronavirus.


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