5 Legendary Players Who Retired Without Winning An ICC Trophy

legendary players who retired without winning an ICC event
legendary players who retired without winning an ICC event

Winning an ICC world event is a dream that fuels many cricketers’ aspirations. The passion to win an ICC trophy is what defines a players’ career. There is an unbridled sense of joy when players end up winning a mega event, The feeling of winning a World Cup is unparalleled. Sachin Tendulkar had to wait for 22 long years to fulfill his World Cup dream. But there have been few legendary cricketers who have not been as lucky. They have had to retire without winning a single ICC trophy, we look at Players Who Retired Without Winning An ICC Trophy.

We look at 5 such legendary Players Who Retired Without Winning An ICC Trophy:

#5 Ian Botham

Ian Botham is arguably the game’s greatest all-rounder. He won many a match for England singlehandedly. Botham wasn’t just a home bully. He excelled across conditions. Botham was a beast with both bat and the ball. He propelled many bilateral victories.

The 1981 Ashes was popularly called the Botham Ashes. But for all his cricketing genius, he ended his career without winning an ICC trophy. England reached the finals 3 times from 1979-92. But they couldn’t cross the final hurdle even once. A great career ended but with zero ICC trophies to show.

#4 Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn, the name itself sent shivers down batsmen’s spines. He was a force of nature. Steyn was undoubtedly the best fast bowler across formats during his peak years. But one thing that deserted him too was the ICC trophy. The closest he came to winning one was during the 2015 ODI World Cup. But in a cruel semifinal defeat, he bowed out with tears in his eyes. 

#3 Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum inspired a nation to believe. He dared them to dream big. It was under his captaincy that New Zealand cricket scaled new heights. He got the entire country behind his players who backed them to the hilt.

McCullum famously used the phrase, these are the best days of our lives to motivate his players. But in a stunning anticlimax in the World Cup final of 2015, New Zealand catapulted to agony. The title eluded him and an effervescent McCullum retired without winning one.

#2 Andrew Flintoff

Andrew Flintoff was England’s most talismanic cricketer of the 2000s. He enabled England to win back the Ashes after 17 long years. Flintoff knew how to deliver in the most crucial of moments. But what he failed to achieve was winning an ICC title. Surprisingly, England never really challenged for an ICC trophy during his reign. The closest they came to win one was the champions trophy in 2004. When West Indies upset them to win the title.

#1 AB de Villiers

Abraham Benjamin de Villiers was one of the greatest batsmen of the current generation. He was a modern-day master whose other name was innovation. ABD as he was fondly called destroyed bowling attacks in a matter of a few overs. But for all his greatness and limitless ability, ABD failed to win an ICC event. It is the greatest sad story of our time that a player like ABD failed to win the most coveted prize. 

Maybe just as in life, not everyone can win everything!

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