6IXTY 2022: St Kitts men’s team and Barbados Royals women’s team crowned Champions

St Kitts & Nevis side win the inaugural campaign of the men’s 6ixty 2022 tournament, and Barbados Royals win the women’s 6ixty 2022 tournament. This is a new format of cricket where it feels like it is completely a different game with different rules when compared with traditional cricket. With the introduction of new leagues […]

What is ‘The 6ixty’?

View below topics in this post  Let’s take a look at rules that seem overly interesting in ‘The 6ixty’: Nowadays, In a blink of an eye, we have a new league popping up in different parts of the world. With the success of IPL and the wacky ‘The Hundred’, We now have a new phenomenon […]