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Sunil Gavaskar is furious about the revelation made by Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli after the defeat against Pakistan in the super-4 clash in the post-match press conference Virat was emotional talking about the time when he was low with confidence and how MS Dhoni messaged him to show support.

It is always good when someone reaches out to people who are having a difficult time and help motivate them to move forward in their lives, one such case was when MS Dhoni messaged Virat Kohli after he retried from the captaincy of test match format.

Virat Kohli early on stated that “I can tell you one thing: when I left Test captaincy, I got a message from only one person, with whom I have played previously – that was MS Dhoni, Many people have my number. On TV, lots of people give suggestions, people have a lot to say, but whoever had my number, no one sent me a message.”

It’s not been too long since Virat made this statement and the former Indian captain and legend Sunil Gavaskar came back with his brutal opinion on this, he felt that there was no logic behind it to do things like this, Sunil felt that taking names of people who supported you is not good but instead he should have reviled the names of former players who did not message him.

Sunil Gavaskar in a statement said that “It’s very difficult to say as to whom Virat is referring to? If he would have taken any names, you can then go and ask that person, if you have contacted him or not. What I have heard is that he is talking about only MSD having called him after leaving Test captaincy,” Gavaskar said.

“If he is talking about former players, who have played with him, we know who all from that lot come on TV. He should name the player he is referring to. Ask them (Bro, you didn’t message me?)”.

He then questioned, “What message did he want?” Encouragement? But then he is done with captaincy, so why would he needs encouragement, that chapter (captaincy) is already closed. Now you are playing only as a cricketer, so focus on that role because when you are the captain, you think about and worry about your mates. Once captaincy is over, it’s time to focus on your own game.”

Gavaskar concluded by saying “Now I left captaincy in 1985 after (B&H) World Championship of Cricket. That night we celebrated, and hugged each other but beyond that what else do you expect?”

Abhinandan Krishnan
Abhinandan Krishnan
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