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Ranking: Top 6 Thug Life Cricket Moments

Cricket is a great leveller. The game always gives you a chance to make a comeback. Teams and players have staged wonderful comebacks scripting history. There have been many player battles that have lit up the screens. On occasions, players have also engaged in duels with officials. At times things have even gone out of hand but players refused to hold themselves in. These battles have given rise to many thug life cricketing moments. Lets find What Are Some “Thug Life” Moments In Cricket History?

What Are Some “Thug Life” Moments In Cricket History?

#6 Virat Kohli to James Faulkner

Virat Kohli was in sensational batting form in 2016 during India’s tour to Australia. In order to dent his concentration, Faulkner engaged Kohli in a sledge asking him to take him on and score runs off his bowling. However, Kohli came up with an epic reply and the stump microphone recorded his words. “You’re wasting your energy. There’s no point, I’ve smashed you enough in my life. Just go and bowl,” replied Kohli. True to his word, Faulkner hasn’t played active International cricket post that season.

#5 Ravi Shastri to Mike Whitney

Ravi Shashtri opened the innings for India during the 2nd Test against Australia in 1991-92 on their tour down under. Australia’s fast-bowler Mike Whitney was on the field as a substitute and he went in to have a heated exchange with Shastri. Shastri had smashed the ball towards Whitney and was contemplating taking a quick single. This irked Whitney. He quipped, “Stay in your crease or I’ll break your fucking head.” Credit to Shastri though he didn’t lose his cool. He came up with a befitting reply. Shastri retorted, “If you could bowl as well as you talk, you wouldn’t be the fucking 12th man!” he said.

#4 Yuvraj Singh’s response to Andrew Flintoff’s sledge

India were in a good position batting first against England in a super-8 game in the 2007 T20 World Cup. Andrew Flintoff had bowled quite an ordinary 18th over. Yuvraj Singh got off to a flier smashing Flintoff for a boundary. Flintoff then went on to say something unparliamentary to Yuvraj. Yuvraj was agitated. He almost followed Flintoff to the boundary. It felt as if Singh had lost his cool. But what transpired was nothing short of magic. Yuvraj went on to smash 6 sixes in an over off Stuart Broad. This remains an iconic moment in Indian cricket! 

#3 Ravichandran Ashwin to Tim Paine

Tim Paine had the unwanted record of being the first Australian captain to lose a home Test series against India in 2018-19. Paine was the captain when India toured again in 2020-21. The series was tied at 1-1 heading into the 3rd Test at Sydney. India were battling hard on the final day to save the Test. 

Ravichandran Ashwin and Hanuma Vihari put their bodies on the line to hold the fort. Paine frustrated with Ashwin’s stoic defence remarked that he can’t wait for him to come to Gabba. Ashwin responded saying he can’t wait for Paine to come to India which might be his last series as well. But Ashwin won the final battle when an injury-ridden young Indian team breached fortress Gabba and won the series 2-1!

#2 Sourav Ganguly to Geoffrey Boycott:

The English media to date couldn’t fathom that an Indian captain waved his shirt from the Lord’s balcony. Former England captain, Geoffrey Boycott was commentating along with Sourav Ganguly. Boycott was hell-bent on making Ganguly feel sheepish about what he did. Boycott really tried riling up Ganguly but the former India captain had the last laugh. 

Geoff Boycott asked Ganguly about his jersey unfurling experience and to do it at the Mecca of cricket. Boycott went on to call Ganguly a naughty boy. Ganguly quickly replied, “One of your boys (referring to Flintoff) also took off his jersey here in Mumbai.” Boycott replied in a dismissive tone saying, “Ya, but Lord’s is the Mecca of cricket.” Ganguly had enough by then, he said the golden words, “Lord’s is your Mecca, Wankhede is ours.”

#1 Venkatesh Prasad to Aamir Sohail:

Aamir Sohail was on the offensive against India at Bangalore in the 1996 World Cup quarter-finals. He smashed a Venkatesh Prasad delivery towards cover. Sohail then went on to point a finger at Prasad saying he will smash even the next ball in the same direction. Prasad chose not to respond. But when he did, the whole stadium erupted. Prasad clean bowled Sohail the very next delivery and animatedly pointed towards the dressing room. It was a watershed moment in the India-Pakistan rivalry.

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