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IPL 2023: Most Expensive Specialists

Most Expensive Specialists in IPL: T20 cricket has evolved rapidly. The skillset required for ODIs would earlier suffice in T20Is too. But gradually the extension has become wider. The ODIs rather witness sharp bursts of T20 magic. There is a growing demand for multi-skilled players. It was quite evident in the proceedings of the IPL 2023 mini-auction. 

The age of multi-skilled players:

Teams were willing to shell exorbitant amounts to players who were multi-faceted. Gone are the days when players commanded respect based on a single skill. These bunch of players may no longer receive the same bounty as they did earlier. 

We look at the 5 Most Expensive Specialists in IPL history:

#5 Shreyas Iyer – 12.25 crores

He was KKR’s most celebrated signing in the past few seasons. Shreyas Iyer was KKR’s ultimate choice in the mega auctions in 2022. The ex-Delhi Capitals captain was one of the most in-demand players in the last auction.

There were a couple of franchises who were keen to bring Iyer on board. It was KKR though who managed to net Iyer. They happily spent INR 12.25 crores on him knowing fully well that it’s his batting that will be their leading light.

#4 Harry Brook – 13.25 crores

His fortunes changed overnight after his exploits in Pakistan as he smashed 3 centuries in the 3 Test-match series. Harry Brook showed he has the skill set to excel against spin. He tore into Pakistani spinners hitting them to all parts of the ground.

Ben Stokes compared Brook to Virat Kohli who could end up being an all-format batting great. SRH it seemed had heard Stokes keenly. They went all out to pocket Brook. SRH shelled INR 13.25 crores for the young batting sensation.

#3 Deepak Chahar – 14 crores

It is not every day that CSK goes all guns blazing for a specialist bowler. They are a team who are known for their batting might. But CSK was keen to have at least one-star bowler in their ranks in the mega auction. They zeroed in on Deepak Chahar.

The new ball specialist attracted a lot of competition at the auction table. But it was CSK who dug deep to acquire Chahar for INR 14 crores. He is the most expensive player in the bowlers’ category.

#2 Virat Kohli – 15 crores

He was the first member of the INR 17 crores club in the IPL from 2018-21. Virat Kohli is arguably the biggest brand in the league. He could have easily earned upwards of INR 20 crores had he been keen on switching sides. But Kohli has always chosen loyalty over everything else. In the mega auction earlier this year, RCB once again retained Kohli. This time his salary dropped to INR 15 crores as the side had to balance their retentions. 

#1 Rohit Sharma – 16 crores

He is the most successful skipper in IPL history. Rohit Sharma has led Mumbai to 5 IPL titles. There was not an iota of doubt regarding Mumbai retaining Rohit ahead of the mega auction in 2022. He was their first choice of retention. The franchisee paid Sharma a whopping INR 16 crores. It is the highest price paid to a player having only a single specialized skill set.

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