Yuvraj Singh Responds To Criticism Over His ‘Bhangi’ Comment

Yuvraj Singh Responds To Criticism Over His ‘Bhangi’ Comment
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During this lockdown, Yuvraj Singh was in mental pressure many times. He faced up to the Twitter backlash on Twitter for supporting Shahid Afridi Foundation. This time around, his controversial comment on Yuzvendra Chahal come at the time of the live session with Rohit Sharma. Rather, the former Indian cricketer has also been filed by police, and the man himself has now responded to all the allegations.

All of this started with a two-month-old clip from Rohit and Yuvraj’s social media live session. In the video, Yuvraj can be heard saying that Chahal is funny ‘bhangi,’ for his repeated appearance on various cricketers’ live sessions. For his TikTok videos, the two crickets ridiculed the leg-spinner. For those without it, in the last few months, Chahal has trended on TikTok and even included his family in these videos.

Coming back to Yuvraj Singh‘s statement, he said, “Ye bhangi log ko Yuzi ko koi kaam nahi hai. Yuzi ne Dekha kya video daala apni family ke Saath.” (This roughly translates to—These ‘bhangi’ persons Yuzi doesn’t have work. Did you see his video of his family?) Bhangi is referred to as a sweeper or scavenger being a part of one of the lower untouchable castes.

This wasn’t going well for anyone on Twitter, and then #YuvrajSinghmaafimaango began to trend earlier this week.

Yuvraj Singh says that he never believed in any type of disparity

Yuvraj Singh released a statement on Friday amid the outrage on his Twitter account. He has declared that he never trusted in any caste’s disparity and respects all. The 38-year-old admitted that his words were misunderstood and that he never intended to offend anyone.

“This clarifies that I have never believed any inequality, whether it be on the base of caste, color, religion, or gender. I dedicated my life to the welfare of the people, and I continue to do it. Without exception, I believe in life dignity and respect for everyone. I realize that I was mistaken, which was unwarranted, as I conversed with my friends.

“I, however, would like to say as an Indian responsible that if I have hurt anybody’s feelings or feelings unintentionally, I would like to express my regret for it. He wrote in his tweet that my love of India and all of its people remains eternal.

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