Women’s Cricket Team Does Not Receive Any Welcome At The Airport

Women's Cricket Team Does Not Receive Any Welcome At The Airport
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Indian women cricket team gets lukewarm response on arrival

Indian women’s team must have felt heartbroken with their loss in finals to Australia. But upon returning home their disappointment would have increased more as there were no fans to cheer them, despite the huge amount of success they had in the tournament.

The team members were greeted by an empty airport which might have added to the misery of their defeat in the finals. This incident sheds light on the different levels of acceptance of men’s cricket and women’s cricket in our country.

The Indian team has displayed brilliant performance throughout the tournament until the finals. In the finals, they had an off-day and were beaten by 85 runs. However, the loss in finals does not minimize the spectacular run they exhibited on their path to finals.

It must also be noted that this is the first time India has reached the finals of a T20 World Cup and that itself is a big achievement for the team. And players who achieved this feat should receive a grand welcome and should not be snubbed.

The disappointment of not getting a deserved welcome from the people of their country was evident on the faces of the players. Had it been the case of men’s cricket the scenario would have been completely different.

No encouragement from the governments

One more sad thing is that the governments of any states did not award any cash prizes or any kind of rewards to the players belonging to their states. Youngster Shefali Sharma of Haryana who played outstandingly in the tournament was not promised any honor from her state government.

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