Will IPL 2022 impact the upcoming World Cup ?

Will IPL 2022 impact the upcoming World Cup
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Preparations for IPL 2022 are going in full swing and BCCI is trying their level best to conduct the mega tournament in India. Last year IPL 2021 was postponed due to the rapid rise of Covid cases in the country and they have scheduled the 2nd phase of the tournament in UAE. Will IPL 2022 impact the upcoming World Cup.

BCCI’s prime target is to conduct the tournament in India but if it doesn’t happen here – they have a couple of options in hand ready. One is South Africa and 2nd is Sri Lanka – Both the governments are showing some positive approach in order to conduct the tournament in their country.

Will IPL 2022 Really impact the player’s performances in World Cup?

IPL has always proved to be a prime platform for all young talents. Every young cricketer will aim to get picked by a franchise and they are trying their level best to grab an IPL contract. Will IPL 2022 impact the upcoming World Cup.

Coming to the point, there are actually two answers to the question – 1st answer would be a clear NO and 2nd answer is a partial YES. Now let’s get into some details of it.

Why it is a Clear NO?

IPL was not never really a show stopper for any player’s performance in an international format. In fact, it has proved like a warm-up for all players to get prepped for upcoming international matches.

Even BCCI has never selected players based on their IPL performances and they have also stated multiple times that “IPL is way different from the International Cricket”.

Why it is Partially YES?

This is purely based on “Player Injuries” – There were many instances where players have got selected for a particular series before IPL. But due to a few injuries during IPL, those players have lost a chance in that series and this happened to many star players like Bhuvi, Bumrah, Hardik, and many more.

In short, It’s up to players how they take it forward without injuries and captivate the IPL stage for their betterment in the upcoming International formats.

World Cup title is something every cricketing nation will eye for and especially players will be eagerly waiting for their selections. And no one will ever choose to risk the golden opportunity.

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