Why once an IPL star, Gayle, was compelled to take a break from the series?

Why Chris Gayle is not playing IPL?
Why Chris Gayle is not playing IPL 2022?
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Chris Gayle has had an immaculate career in the Indian Premier League. Chris Gayle has the most number of centuries in the history of the IPL under his name. With 6 centuries, Chris is on the top of the list of players who scored the sets of hundreds. A remarkable player yet, he was not found on the field this season. Why, in spite of being one of the best out there, Why is Chris Gayle not playing IPL? Does IPL value the good players in cricket?

When fans found out that Chris is not in any of the IPL teams this season, everyone was wondering what happened to the batting superstar. The Jamaican batter very recently revealed why has he taken a break from the IPL ground. Last season, he was a part of the Punjab Kings. Chris talked about the ‘mistreatment’ that he had to face in the IPL series.

In an exclusive interview with Mirror, Uk Gayle revealed that he felt that he was not respected enough. He has done a lot for cricket as a sport and also for the IPL. But still, he was being misbehaved in the IPL series for the past 2 years. His most productive years were in Royal Challengers Bangalore. He has also played with Kolkata Knight Riders but in the last two years, he was associated with Punjab Super Kings.

For the Indian Premier League, it was not the first time that a player has been made headlines for something other than their performance. IPL has always been surrounded by various controversies. Whether it is the fighting between two players or match-fixing. IPL has always made it to the news. Last year, Gabriella Pasqualotto, cheerleader for Mumbai Indians, talked about her time and experience as an IPL cheerleader. She talked about the mistreatment that took place at IPL parties. The 22 years old took to Twitter to talk about IPL management.

Gayle has scored almost 5000 runs in the 142 IPL matches that he has played. He is the main run-getter in T20 cricket also with 14562 runs in 463 coordinates with an aggregate of 22 centuries and 88 half-hundreds of years at a normal of 36.22 and strikes a pace of 144.75. He has hit an aggregate of 1056 sixes and 1132 fours in the configuration.

Although, in the upcoming season of 2023 IPL matches, Chris has shown interest in joining back the game. He has shown interest in joining back either the Punjab team or RCB. Chris said, ‘They need me!’ But the point remains that time and again we hear IPL members facing problems that would not have taken place had the organization been more caring towards its members.

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