Why IPL 2020 Is Trending?

Franchises Are cautious Of An All-Star game Just Before IPL
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Of all sports, cricket is one game that occupies a special place in the hearts of Indians. There are millions of cricket fans in India who spend their time watching it. They keep themselves updated on the news about it. Earlier, when IPL was not in the picture, people waited for international matches, in which India played against other countries.

The Indian Premier League (IPL), or T20 to be specific, wasn’t in vogue then. Then, there was the proposal of IPL (Indian Premier League). In the initial days of IPL, some people were dead against it. It pitted every powerful cricketer against another. Some argued that it was against the unity of cricket. But slowly things started changing and the new generation began embracing IPL wholeheartedly. 

When we take a look at its positive factors, we find that so many new players are getting national and international exposure because of it. IPL allows young players to make it to the big stage of the one-day internationals (ODIs) and Test matches.

The reason behind the trending of IPL 2020 

Nowadays, we see so many players being bought by cash-rich teams, some of which include celebrities. The USP of IPL is that many renowned overseas players participate in it. The interesting aspect of IPL is that some players keep switching teams. This feature attracts fans who keep track of who is joining whom or leaving which franchise.

For example, see how Twitter reacts to it to know how it impacts cricket fans. 

Twitter Reactions:

These are some examples of players switching from one team to another.

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