What is ODI World Cup Super League? Get Complete Details.

ODI World Cup Super League

ICC has announced Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League:

The ICC has declared formally the opening of the Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League tournament. Through this Super League, ICC wants to bring back the ODI cricket. in the Super League, 156 numbers of matches will be held, which will start with the three-match ODI series from 30th July between England and Ireland.

But do you have a complete idea of what the tournament all about is? How will the points be decided on the league? Which sides are taking part in the opening edition of the ODI World Cup Super League?

Here we are providing some ideas to answer all your questions about ODI World Cup Super League tournament:

Q) How many teams are taking part in the tournament?

In this year league, there will be 13 sides with one team to be announced as the champion of the event. Seven teams that finish at the top will automatically qualified for the 2023 ODI World Cup. As hosts, India has qualified already for the 2023 ODI World Cup. In case India is among those seven teams, the team that ends at the 8th position will qualify. The 13 sides include Bangladesh, New Zealand, Australia, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Afghanistan, India, Zimbabwe, Netherland, Pakistan, Ireland and West Indies.

Q) What happens to the sides which finish at the last?

The five squads that conclude at the last will still have a chance for qualifying in the 2023 World Cup. With Associate countries, the bottom five teams will play in traditional ODI World Cup Qualifiers, through which the remaining two positions will be decided for the 2023 ODI World Cup.

Q) How the points can be distributed in Super League?

In this league, the point system is really simple. Every side will get 10 points after winning a match and 0 points after losing. If it is a tie, or canceled, both the teams will get 5 points each.

Q) In Super League, which teams will play against each other?

Just like the ICC Test Championship, not all sides will play against each other. All sides will play against only 8 sides among 12 in three-match series each, which means every side will play 24 league matches. All teams will participate in four home series, and four away series. Let’s take an example: According to the Future Tours Programme (FTP) match, team India will not face team Pakistan. Also, it is worth mentioning that not all ODIs in a calendar year, are not coming under Super League.


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