What Are The New Cricketing Rules For The 2020 IPL?

2020 IPL

No-Ball Umpire:

From the 2020 Indian Premier League, we might see a No-Ball umpire. In the previous season, in 2019 IPL, there were many big mistakes when field umpires failed to identify no balls, because of which IPL had criticized vary badly. To reduce the on the field mistakes, this umpire will check each and every ball. Recently, ICC has started this no-ball umpire in international level cricket where the third-umpire checks each ball for whether it is no ball or not, and now BCCI is also planning to do so. It has no surety that it will be done by the third umpire or any other separate umpire but this rule will be implemented in 2020 IPL.

Mid Season Transfer

In the 2019 IPL also, the mid-season transfer rule is there in which two sides can swap their cricketers during the middle of the tournament with mutual understanding. But this rule happened only if the cricketer has not played any single match from the starting 7 matches. Now the Indian cricket board, BCCI has changed a little in this rule, now the sides can swap those cricketers who have played 2 or less than 2 from the starting 7 matches.

No Opening Ceremony

Sourav Ganguly, the BCCI president has taken many massive decisions for this year IPL and one such big decision is not hosting the opening ceremony of the 2020 IPL. As per BCCI, the opening ceremony doesn’t get that much-expected viewership, and also it is not profitable. So, henceforth there is no opening ceremony for the Indian Premier League (IPL) until any changes done by BCCI.

Change in Schedule

This time, in 2020 IPL, we will see a longer period of IPL as compared to other editions, which will go for 60 days. Here also BCCI thinks that the afternoon IPL matches have not that much good viewership than evening matches. So, in this 13th edition of IPL, we can see very few afternoon matches. Most matches are starting from 7PM to get maximum viewership. Non-inclusion of afternoon matches will increase the time period of IPL by two weeks. So, the entire duration of 2020 IPL is 60 days instead of 45 days.

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