We Can Do It Again This Year For MS Dhoni And CSK: Raina

Suresh Raina About CSK and Ms Dhoni
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In September, the second phase of the 14th Indian Premier League (IPL) will start in the UAE. The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) will all look forward to it since it is a key year in many regards for the Yellow franchise. The Mega Auction will be held in 2022 and it is essential to know if the club will preserve the services for the 3- years of its Mr. captain cool, MS Dhoni. Suresh Raina About CSK and Ms Dhoni.

Even though CSK CEO rejected Dhoni’s rumors on quitting out of this IPL season, the discussion does not appear to end. Suresh Raina, whom the Chennai people lovingly call ‘China Thala,’ hopes to win CSK the IPL this year under his beloved friend and the leadership of Brother Dhoni. These two players enjoy an outstanding fellowship and have rooted themselves on numerous occasions.

Dhoni and Raina’s relationship was recognized when they announced their retirement from international cricket on the same day. In addition, the duo participated in numerous historic wins in India together and helped the side achieve greater heights.

‘Dhoni Gives Freedom To All The Players’: Suresh Raina About CSK and Ms Dhoni

With the fourth IPL championship for CSK, Raina wants to place another crown for Dhoni. The squad is now second in points and is prepared to take up when IPL 2021 starts its second leg in the UAE with the same intensity. This year, when the very first time in the 2020 edition, CSK had failed to make the playoffs, it produced an unbelievable recovery as compared to the previous year.


“Hopefully, when we go to Dubai, we will have a camp and we can again win it for him. I think the way we were playing this year, we were having some extra confidence from his captaincy and he was enjoying each other’s success,” Raina told Star Sports.

Raina also remarked about Dhoni’s confidence to speak up and to offer their best for their side. “He was giving freedom to all the players and having Moeen Ali, Sam Curran, Dwayne Bravo, and Ruturaj in the side, we had the momentum. Hopefully, we can do it again this year for MS,” Raina added.

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