Virendra Sehwag Joins Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri In Supporting 5-Day Tests

Virendra Sehwag Joins Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri In Supporting 5-Day Tests
Virendra Sehwag Joins Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri In Supporting 5-Day Tests

On Sunday, former India opening batsman Virendra Sehwag joined captain Virat Kohli and lead trainer Ravi Shastri in supporting five-day Tests over ICC’s proposition to reduce it to four days to encourage more interest.

Sehwag contrasted the five-day customary arrangement with infant diapers, saying both ought to be changed just when it turns out to be totally repetitive.

Virendra Sehwag joined many voices:

“I have constantly upheld change. In the first T20 game, I captained India and I am glad about that. In 2007 I was likewise part of India’s World T20 winning group. In any case, five day Test cricket is sentiment,” Sehwag said at the BCCI Awards while announcing the seventh Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi Lecture.

“Developments like pink ball tests and names in jerseys are fine. In any case, diaper and five-day Tests should possibly be changed when it’s completed, when it can’t be utilized any longer. Five-day Test isn’t done. Test cricket is a 143-year old fit individual. It has a sprit. ‘Char din ki sirf chandni hi hoti hai….Test cricket nahin’ (four days of the moon is fine, not Test cricket),” said the ever-clever Sehwag in his matchless style.

To check out the possibility of a four-day Test matches, the ICC set a committee. Both the skipper and coach of the team have clarified that they need the conventional organization to not lose its sheen by abandoning a five-day issue into one of four days.

The BCCI Officials will discuss the matter with Cricket Australia and ECB:

The BCCI officials had disclosed that the board wants to talk about the matter with Cricket Australia and ECB

“It couldn’t be any more obvious. It is just right that you examine these complications and we will do likewise with ECB, CA and Cricket South Africa. However, as things stand now, we are on a similar stage as our captain and mentor and don’t see a lot of sense in slicing Test cricket to four days from the customary five.

“Indeed, it isn’t only our skipper or mentor, you have additionally heard any semblance of Joe Root and Faf fu Plessis make their feelings unmistakable on the issue. It may be a possibility for the lower-positioned groups, yet not when two major groups conflict. Custom can’t be played with.”


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