Virat Needs To Get Back Into Alignment: Michael Vaughan

Vaughan Speaks On Kohli's Struggles
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Michael Vaughan has analyzed Virat Kohli’s batting performance in the current England series. The Indian captain’s batting has caused some controversy since he has been removed in the same manner in all 3 innings he has performed thus far. New Zealand took advantage of a similar mistake in June in the WTC Final. Here is what Vaughan Speaks On Kohli’s Struggles.

Vaughan Speaks On Kohli’s Struggles

Kohli isn’t paying attention to his off-stump, as per Vaughan. Kohli had a strong presence in England in 2018, and he understood where his off-stump was, according to the former English batsman. Kohli’s technique defects were exposed after a disastrous series in England in 2014. In a five-match series during his next visit, he nearly scored 600 runs.

“Really good bowling, not good batting. Virat Kohli is a better player than that. When he had success in English conditions, he knew exactly where his off-stump was. His trigger movement goes over to the off-stump and he knows where it is,” Vaughan said in an Interaction.

I just wonder whether Kohli lost his off-stump: Vaughan

Kohli, according to Vaughan, needs to correct his placement, as his head is in an improper place. During the first Test, the Indian captain was removed for a golden duck while angling outside the off-stump. He made 42 runs in the first innings of the 2nd Test, but one was caught in the slip. He pushed one outside the off-stump in the 2nd innings at Lord’s, only to then be picked out by the wicketkeeper.

“So far in this series, I just wonder whether he lost his off-stump because he is going over quite a long way and his head is going with him because of that, I think he thinks his off-stump is around the fourth and fifth stump line. He needs to get back into alignment,” Vaughan said.

Kohli is just doing absolutely everything England expects him to do, according to the former England captain. He was saying that England desires him to play whenever the ball is around the 4th stump line, which Kohli has been wrongly accused of in the past.

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