Virat Kohli vs Kane Williamson: Statistical Comparison As Test Batsmen

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Test Format has the longest time frame compared to T20 and ODIs. This is where the batsman has to survive for a long and are tested the most.  As the time frame increases the probability of failure increases as more stamina and endurance is required. Also, the red ball is different from the white ball, It travels less and swings a lot more and for a longer time like 30 odd overs. And also reverses after 40 overs of span with Pitch getting worse day by day. Virat Kohli vs Kane Williamson comparison in Test matches.

In the Modern Era, Virat Kohli and Williamson are considered to be some of the best to play Test Cricket. India’s Virat Kohli believes his mindset as a batsman changed after being handed the captaincy and the extra responsibility is the reason for his imperious run-scoring ability. While Williamson’s prolific run-scoring and exemplary leadership skills have been the driving force behind New Zealand’s remarkable success. We will be judging them on different criteria to get a better understanding as to which of them is ahead.


Statistical Comparison Of Virat Kohli And Kane Williamson In Test Cricket

Virat Kohli vs Kane Williamson comparison in Test matches. Both players have scored over 7000 runs at an average of above 50 in their Test career so far. Kane Williamson has got a slightly higher average of 54.31 while Virat Kohli has behind him at 52.37.

Coming to Centuries, Virat Kohli has hit more centuries and double centuries in the longest format. Overall, both Virat and Kane have excellent numbers in the five-day format.

At Home:

At home, Virat Kohli has managed to score a total of around 3700 runs from 66 innings at a fabulous average of 65.31. His highest score of 254* against has come against South Africa in South Africa’s tour of India in 2019. At home, Virat 13 centuries to his name which is 1 less than his 14 away centuries. Virat’s consistency stands at 51.7% whereas his low scores stand at 36.2%.

Coming to Williamson, his performance at home is equally better with 3730 runs from 66 innings at an average of 64.3. His best of 251 too came at home against West Indies in Dec 2020. Similar to Virat, he has 13 centuries at home, but that’s 2 more than his away centuries.


Similarly, both of them have almost the same stats when it comes to away Test matches. Both players have an average of 44 and 45 in favour of Kane Williamson. Though their batting average is lower in comparison to home conditions.

Analyzing it, both players are neck to neck in five-day cricket and both are considered as the greatest Test Batsmen of the modern Era.


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