Virat Kohli reveals the name of teammates who are ‘impossible to outrun’ during conditioning drill

Virat Kohli reveals the name of the teammates who are ‘impossible to outrun’ during conditioning drill
Virat Kohli reveals the name of the teammates who are ‘impossible to outrun’ during conditioning drill

One of the biggest reasons that make Team India tick is the fitness levels of the players. There is little doubt that under Virat Kohli gives it a lot of priority. He also keeps himself fit and always pushed the limits. A glimpse at the training session of the side before any Test match and one would be convinced that the players not only immerse themselves on working on their fitness levels but also enjoy being a part of the entire drill session.

Skipper Virat Kohli is supremely fit, and he is forever in great form, whether on the field or off it. However, even he is challenged by Ravindra Jadeja, who is another athlete in the side and, perhaps, India’s best fielder.

Taking to Twitter, Kohli posted a picture of him taking part in a conditioning drill along with Rishabh Pant and Ravindra Jadeja and conceded that it was impossible to outrun Jadeja. Kohli wrote: “Love group conditioning sessions. And when Jaddu is in the group, it’s almost impossible to outrun him @RishabhPant17 @imjadeja.”

With their win against Bangladesh at Eden Gardens, Virat Kohli and team registered their seventh consecutive win and also, their fourth consecutive innings victory. They have dominated Test cricket this year and the biggest reason behind the same has been the rampant form of the bowlers and spinners.

The skipper lauded the hunger and desire of his players to keep improving and to keep looking to win games.

“I think it’s all about the mindset you walk in with. If you have a set positive mindset saying me might not be bowling that much in the game, then your body language is such… These guys are very hungry and I feel we are in the right kind of space to capitalize on opportunities and everyone is enjoying playing in this team. That’s the standout feature about us,” Kohli said after the match.


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