Virat Kohli Opens On His Wife Anushka Sharma

Virat Kohli Opens On His wife Anushka Sharma
Virat Kohli Opens On His wife Anushka Sharma
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Indian Skipper Virat Kohli had a great conversation with the legendary Windies cricketer Viv Richards before their first Test. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has uploaded the interview on its website where the two cricketers shared screen space for this special chat.

Virat Kohli has turned as an anchor and interviewed the batting legend, Sir Viv Richards. Both the players have spoken very openly regarding various topics and the India captain has opened about his relationship with his wife Anushka Sharma.

“Some guys relish the prospect of being with the person — whom they enjoy with — for the rest of their life. Some guys wouldn’t do as much. But it looks like you have appreciated both sides of the coin?” – Richards said.

“It has actually been the biggest blessing in my life apart from being blessed with playing this sport. To find the right person. Because she is a professional herself, she totally understands my space.” – Kohli answered.

“She guides me in the right direction. The thing that I have learnt from being with her is that if you are willing to do things which are right in your life off the field, then I think that creates your personality on the field to do the same,” – Kohli added.

Kohli in the first part of the interview had asked Richards that what was his mindset like when he came out to bat. He also asked the great man about his choice of not wearing helmets and dominating bowlers despite having no protection.

“I believed that I am a man. It may sound like arrogance but I backed myself every time. You even back yourself to get hurt… to take the knocks. The helmet I tried but it was very uncomfortable. My mindset was that I was good enough to be here so if I get hurt, it’s God’s will. I will survive.” – Richards said.

“I have always felt that you take a hit early to know the feeling rather than always feeling you might get hurt. I prefer to take a hit early on so that it motivates me to not allow that to happen again. Just that pain to go through your body and be like enough, it’s not happening again.” – Kohli said.

Richards last lines in the interview: “You will always get hurt. It is part of the game. It’s important how you come back from taking those knocks.”

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