Virat Kohli On Showing DRS Replay On Screen Before 15 Seconds : This Can’t Be Done At The Highest Level.


Australia won the third T20 against India on December 8 breaking Virat Kohli’s 10 game unbeaten run in T20I format. India managed to win the T20 series in Australia’s soil. Virat Kohli and Co will take some postives from this going forward in the Test series. Australia scored 186 runs with the help of in-form Mathew Wade and Glenn Maxwell. Mathew Wade went on to score 80 of 53 balls which helped Australia hand India a huge run-chase. Virat Kohli was India’s lone warrior scoring 85 runs as the “Men in Blue” kept loosing wickets on the other end. 

There was one controversy during the match which Virat Kohli felt was unfair towards his team. One of the reasons could be attributed to the fact that Wade, who could have been leg before off T Natarajan at a score of 50 runs, got a lucky reprieve and added 30 more runs.

India Captain Virat Kohli Wasn’t Happy That His Team Lost Out On A Perfect DRS

Virat Kohli was angry over missing the perfect DRS call just because replay of the delivery bowled to Mathew Wade was shown on giant screen before the permissible limit of 15 seconds.

While Virat Kohli was discussing with KL Rahul and T Natrajan over whether the review should be taken or not, there was a replay of previous ball on the gaint screen which should be displayed post 15 seconds limit to take DRS.

“That lbw was a strange one because we were still discussing whether the ball was going down and within the 15-second time, they showed the replay on the screen,” Kohli said at post match conference on Tuesday

In fact had the review been taken, TV replays showed that the umpire would have been forced to reverse his decision.

“I had a chat with Rod (Tucker, the umpire) and said: ‘what do we do in this situation’ and he said ‘nothing can be done. It’s a mistake from TV’,” Kohli narrated the incident.

Indian team management made it clear with the authorities that a mistake of this level in an international game is unacceptable. “I thought from the management perspective, a message has to be passed that this can’t be done at the highest level because in a very important game, it can be very costly,” Kohli said.

“It was a little bit of a miss from the TV guys upstairs and I am sure it won’t be repeated,” he further added. Mathew Wade went on to score 30 runs after that and India lost the match by 12 runs.

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