Virat Is Grappling With His Issue Outside Off: Manjrekar

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Former Indian cricketer, Sanjay Manjrekar believes Virat Kohli would continue to struggle with the batting if he does not leave deliveries outside the off-stump. Kohli has been caught out numerous times in the current series versus England while probing at deliveries that he should be let alone. James Anderson and Ollie Robinson, for example, have struck under his skin on several occasions. Here is Sanjay Manjrekar About Virat Kohli.

Sanjay Manjrekar About Virat Kohli

Virat should aim to emulate Manjrekar’s style of play from last year, according to Manjrekar. Kohli’s front-foot approach, according to the experienced, has made ordinary bowlers seem international. Virat Kohli has 124 runs at an average of 24.80 in three Tests so far in the series.

“Virat currently is grappling with his issue outside off, 2014 is coming back to haunt Virat and if he does not leave balls as he did in 2018, he is likely to be troubled the whole series,” Manjrekar in an Interaction.

Even average bowlers making the great batter scavenge for runs: Manjrekar

“Or, he could not be so obsessed with getting onto the front foot no matter what and make his life easier and the bowlers’ more difficult. His front foot play is just making him graft more and even average bowlers who bowl around good length are making the great batter scavenge for runs,” he stated.

Virat has suffered to confront the swinging new ball, according to former England captain Nasser Hussain. Kohli has a little ‘technical fault,’ according to Hussain, who believes he should be placing balls outside the off-stump.

“He [Kohli] did go through a spell on the third day, admittedly against an older ball, where he was leaving it well. But it’s harder to leave the new ball because it swings later, and he was out again on Saturday in a familiar manner,” Hussain said.

Kohli, according to Hussain, has struggled to decide whether it should attack or leave deliveries. Joe Root, Kohli’s opposing number, is the series’ greatest run-scorer with 507 runs at an avg of 126.75.

The 4th Test will take place at the Kennington Oval in London on September 2. The final Test will be held at Old Trafford in Manchester.

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