You give us Virat Kohli, keep the World Cup: Pakistani hospitality to Indians wins hearts

Virat and Dhoni's actions
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You give us Virat Kohli, keep the World Cup

Pakistani man’s hospitality to Indian family wins hearts

Virat and Dhoni’s actions:Apart from the geopolitical circumstances between India and Pakistan. People on both sides of the border are renowned for showing each other a lot of respect and affection. They welcomed each other with open arms. Also, won each other’s hearts with their outstanding deeds.

A similar heartwarming video of a Pakistani national giving a memory of a lifetime. To a family from India in Islamabad is winning hearts.

An Indian family was given a ride to his office and was served food by Tahir Khan. A Pakistani national, according to a video posted on Twitter. The family was in the capital of Pakistan for their daughter’s international tennis championship. They are from Hyderabad, India. Tahir requested that they visit his office and have lunch with him. When he found out they are from India. The family could be seen in the film enjoying delectable Hyderabadi biryani. With their friendly host and even discussing their enjoyable experiences during their time in Pakistan.

I want my followers and friends in India to view this video.

A family from India travelling to Pakistan to watch his daughter play tennis in Islamabad. They approached Tahir Khan. A close friend of mine, and requested a ride. In the video, they discussed their experience. According to the caption that accompanied the video. This is Pakistan in reality.

As usual, cricket always binds Indian and Pakistani fans.

Tahir had some conversations with his neighbors. With the T20 World Cup going on. The Pakistani national jokingly urged his guests. To give them Virat Kohli and they can keep the World Cup for themselves in return. “Aap Virat Kohli humein de do, aap trophy lekar jayein (Give us Virat Kohli, you may take the trophy).”


Team India and Pakistan are vying for the title in the semi-finals of the ICC T20 World Cup 2022. Which is currently taking place in Australia. With his blazing batting exploits. Kohli has ignited the main event. The girl remarked that she hadn’t anticipated such kindness from Pakistanis in the subsequent video.




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