U19 Team-mates consider Mayank Agarwal as Shy, Forgetful “Ghajini”

U-19 Team-mates consider Mayank Agarwal as Shy, Forgetful “Ghajini”
U-19 Team-mates consider Mayank Agarwal as Shy, Forgetful “Ghajini”

These days the performance of Mayank Agarwal is quite impressive and appreciable. But if we go through the real side of Mayank Agarwal, he was an introvert type kid. During his, under 19 matches he used to be very shy. He was an assured cricketer but he used to take time to open up himself in the crowd.

Keeping aside of this quality, his teenage cricketer said that he used often to forget things. Seeing this side of Mayank his teammates gave the nickname of “Ghajini”, from a popular movie starrer Amir Khan and Asin where Amir Khan was a big famous business tycoon but had short term memory loss. Harpreet recalled a funny incident during the South Africa Tour in 2009. The coach, Chandrakant Pandit gave Mayank a responsibility regarding “Ball Box”.

Harpreet said, “Mayank forgot to carry the ball box during the match practice session. At that time, he was so scared. During that time, we named him “Ghajini” because of his forgetting nature and remembering things after 15-20 min”.

Recently, Harpreet met Mayank during Vijay Hazare Trophy in Bengaluru. “Mayank hasn’t changed a bit he is the same as before but has gain confidence while talking with someone. He represents himself very well, which is important for the person who is playing for his country. He might have a good international career.” Harpreet added it.


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