Trevor Bayliss Is Annoyed with Sheldon Cottrell’s Salute

Trevor Bayliss Is Annoyed with Sheldon Cottrell's Salute
Trevor Bayliss Is Annoyed with Sheldon Cottrell's Salute
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West Indies fast bowler Sheldon Cottrell is trendy in the news, not with his brilliant bowling but with his special military salute for every wicket he takes. He has stolen the hearts of the people with his style of salute in celebrating the wicket. But the England chief coach Trevor Bayliss has got a different perception.

Trevor Bayliss was annoyed with the Sheldon Cottrell’s Salute in the grounds for every dismissal. He dislikes the way he celebrates his wicket and tells that he gets frustrated by Sheldon’s act.

“If you’re older than about 40-years-old it p***** you off,” – Bayliss said.

However, he started saying that every team has its own way of celebration. He continued saying that many don’t like the way the England bowlers celebrate after dismissing batsmen. While he tells that the celebration is a part of entertaining the people.

“But every team has their way of celebrating and I’m sure other teams might not like the way we celebrate. In the end, it’s a young man’s game. It’s all entertainment. If it gets a bit of a laugh or a smile on people’s faces so be it,” – Bayliss added.

Cortell celebrates his every wicket by a short march ending up with a salute showing respect to the Jamaica Defence Force as he is a soldier in the Jamaica Defence Force.

“It’s a military-style salute. I’m a soldier by profession. Me saluting is just to show my respect to the Jamaica Defence Force,” – Cottrell told in his past Interview.

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