Top 5 Most ODI Centuries over the years

Most ODI Centuries
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Over time, the ODI has produced several outstanding players. Players with the ability to routinely score goals. As we can see from some of the jewels, they have carved out a niche for themselves in the One-Day International format, which isn’t surprising. They have not only excelled but have done so with ease.

When we look at the list of the most ODI hundreds in a calendar year, we can see how far cricket has progressed. As more ODI games focus on batsmen, it’s important to recognize that this ranking may be easily disturbed. Stay with us to find out who made it to the top of this list.

Sachin Tendulkar ( 9 centuries in 1998)

The maestro of the game is the first name that shows up on the list of most ODI centuries in a calendar year. Yes, we’re discussing Sachin Tendulkar. When it comes to ODI cricket, the right-handed Indian batter has been superb with the bat in hand. In the year 1998, his reach was phenomenal.

Tendulkar was able to score runs on a regular basis, allowing his name to rise in popularity. His greatest year was 1998, when he achieved success. In that specific year, he was able to achieve nine centuries. Tendulkar was a difficult opponent to beat no matter who he faced. His contribution to the team’s achievement was crucial.

In one year, he was able to score 1894 runs, which was incredible. Not only that, but he was able to score runs at a 65.31 average, which is excellent. In the meanwhile, he had seven half-centuries in addition to the centuries. It was undoubtedly a year for the guy to admire and also to imitate.

David Warner (7 centuries in 2016)

David Warner is one of the finest white baseball players of the contemporary age, scoring runs on a regular basis. The Australian southpaw has been putting up big numbers at the top of the order. In one-day international cricket, his relationship with Aaron Finch has helped Australia win a number of series.

Meanwhile, in 2016, he had a fantastic year, scoring the most ODI hundreds in a calendar year. In a single year, David was able to achieve seven hundreds against distinct opponents. However, this was before the sandpaper gate incident, which put a stop to his growth in ODI cricket. Warner is without a doubt one of the top white-ball openers in the game.

In addition, Warner batted a 63.09 average in 2016 and scored 1388 runs, which is a fantastic performance on his part. Not only did the left-hander score seven centuries, but he also scored four half-centuries, demonstrating his ability as a batter.

Rohit Sharma (7 centuries in 2019

It was a melancholy event for Rohit Sharma when he was not picked for 2011. He was dissatisfied with the outcome and desired to alter it. However, he was limited in what he could do. He modified almost everything in the 2019 version, though.

Furthermore, Rohit had a fantastic season with the willow, scoring runs after runs. The World Cup in Russia in 2019 was his personal highlight. He scored five centuries in the competition, which is unquestionably a world record. Despite the fact that he was unable to win the World Cup, he had an outstanding record.

He did had seven centuries and 1490 runs in the same year, which is a lot of runs for a hitter. Aside from that, the average of 57.30 is sufficient to establish domination. Finally, he not only scored centuries, but also six half-centuries, which are higher on the calculating metre.

Sourav Ganguly (7 centuries in 2000)

Sourav Ganguly is one of the game’s most aggressive captains. His astute tactics and captaincy have allowed the face of India’s ODI squad to shift with relative ease. Ganguly set an example for the squad by scoring runs himself, further pushing them to win.

Sourav Ganguly had a particularly memorable year in the year 2000. When the left-handed hitter was able to dominate the bowling assault across the world, he was at the pinnacle of his abilities. It was the same year when Indian cricket received a makeover. Ganguly’s role as a catalyst for transformation spanned seven centuries.

In 2000, his seven centuries aided him in amassing 1579 runs for the year. With an average of 56.39, it was an outstanding performance by the former skipper. Sourav, on the other hand, managed to complete seven half-centuries in a single year.

Virat Kohli (6 centuries in 2018)

Virat Kohli is one of, if not the finest, batsmen in the One-Day International format. The Indian squad has relied on his ability to make an impression through scoring runs and leadership. On his own, the right-handed hitter is a treasure trove of ability. His speech might be abrasive at times, but the records are what you should be concerned about.

When it comes to ODI cricket, Kohli is recognised for leading his side forward with his batting. With his bat and the bats of others around him, he has been able to score runs. In 2018, the right-handed hitter had his finest ODI season to date, scoring six hundreds in the format.

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