Top 5 Cricketers Who Played For Two Countries

Top 5 Cricketers Who Played For Two Countries
5 Cricketers Who Played For Two Countries

There is a phenomenon these days in the cricket world that most of us have observed that a player from one country plays for a different country. Very few of us know about the players who represented 2 different countries in their international cricket career.

1. Eoin Morgan 

The famous player of the England team, a big hitter of the cricket ball debuted in 2009. But it was not his 1st international match.

In 2006, he started his career representing his home country Ireland and also was part of the 2007 World Cup in which he guided the same team.

After this, in search of improving his talent, he joined the England cricket team, which is one of the great switches of his life.

From then until now, he has been able to keep up his form and has also been able to captain the English side. Under his captaincy, England won the first World Cup in 2019.

2. Kepler Wessels 

Kepler Wessels 
Kepler Wessels

Kepler Wessels, who was born in South Africa started his career in 1981, as a player in the Australian team.

He played only 24 Test matches and 54 ODI matches between the years 1981-85. After that, he retired from cricket.

Very few people know that he started his career in his home country as a captain in 1991.

For his home country, he played 16 Tests and 55 ODI. At that period, he captained South Africa.

3. Roelof van der Merwe

Van der Merwe, born in Johannesburg, is an all-rounder who played both for South Africa and the Netherlands.

His career began in 2009 as part of the South Africa team. In between 2009-15, he played 13 ODI and 15 T20 matches for South Africa. He is an all-arounder but creates more impact as a bowler.

After this, he switched to the Netherlands team and played 8 T20 matches for it. He was also part of this team in the 2016 ICC World T20 qualifying matches.

4. Dirk Nannes

The Australian-born cricketer Nannes debuted in cricket in the 2009 T20 World Cup alongside Netherland and played only 2 T20 matches.

After this, he got selected for his home team Australia. As a bowler, he represented his home team in 15 T20Is and a single ODI match.

He has 28 wickets to his name in T20Is and only a single wicket in ODIs as he played only one ODI match.

5. Abdul Hafeez Kardar

The last player in this list Abdul Hafeez, born in Lahore, played both for India and Pakistan teams in international cricket.

Lot of people may wonder as to how a player can play for two teams. In 1946, he debuted for India in Tests against England and went on to play 3 Test matches for India.

After the India-Pakistan’s separation, Kardar represented Pakistan team in 1952 against India.

He was the first captain of the Pakistan test team and played 23 Test matches in his 6-year career.

In a total of 26 test matches, he scored 954 runs with 5 half-centuries and also had 21 wickets to his name. He emerged as one of the great players for the Pakistan team in that era.


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