Tim Southee Feels That New Zealand Need To Play More Three-Match Test Series

Tim Southee feels after WTC win - NZ deserves to play more Test matches
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New Zealand’s name will spot in the history as they managed to win the first edition of the World Test Championship after beating India in the final. This is one of the finest achievements as they won over the big guns like Australia, England and India. New Zealand played only 11 test matches which are 10 less than England in this WTC cycle. New Zealand have right to play more Test cricket Tim Southee feels after WTC win.

While big teams have a series of 4 or 5 matches, New Zealand never gets a chance to play big series. The last time they were involved in a four Test-match series was back 22 years ago in 1999 against England. New Zealand has played 18 series since 2016 and 13 of them were a 2 match series. In context to this, Tim Southee hopes that New Zealand gets to play more three-match Test series.

Tim Southee Explains Three Match Test Series Can Help Them Improve And Needs To Be Played Often

“I guess one of our strengths as a side is that we sort of just concentrate on what’s put in front of us, and what we try and achieve as a group, [but] I guess playing more Test cricket as a whole would be nice. We don’t play that many three-match series, so I guess just being able to play more Test matches and hopefully more three-match series rather than two-match series, ” Southee told in an Interview.

“But yeah, I think it’s tough with future tours [programme] already being in place up to now, but just being able to perform at this level for a number of years and being a consistent side, I guess we have that right to play more Test cricket,” he added.

New Zealand Have Right To Play More Test Cricket: Tim Southee feels after WTC win

“As players, Test cricket is the pinnacle of the game, and you always want to play more. It’s something that we haven’t played a lot of, three-match-series, so to be able to test yourself over three matches rather than just two matches

“…it’s obviously a lot more taxing, it’s a tougher battle to get yourself up and go again over three matches, but that’s the beauty of it, and it’s part and parcel of it.

New Zealand’s recent dominance has shown the world that they can compete with any Test team currently.


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