Tim Paine’s Car Broken Into And His Wallet Stolen

Tim Paine's Car Broken Into And His Wallet Stolen
Image Source: Twitter.com

Paine Wanted To Make Gym Out Of His Garage

Australia Test captain Tim Paine has told his wallet was stolen from his car after it was parked on the road outside his house.

The Australian wicket-keeper said he moved out his car from the garage on to the road to set up a gym in it, but he found out later that his car was broken into and his wallet was stolen.

Paine who is under self-isolation, wanted to work on his cricket skills by turning the garage into the home gym but was shocked when he woke up to a text on Tuesday morning informing that his credit card was used.

The 35-year-old spoke about the incident saying,” I’ve just turned the garage into a bit of a home gym, and I want to hang the (stocking) off the bit where the garage door opens.”

He further said, ” “I figured if I can, I can work on my cover drive while I’m at it, but I’ve hit a bit of a snag today because I moved the car out onto the street only to wake up this morning to a text from NAB saying my credit card has been used.”

“I went outside, and the car door was open, and the wallet’s gone,” he added.

Cricketers Forced To Stay Indoors

Australian players are spending their time now indoors as their cricket board Cricket Australia has announced that it has suspended all the international and domestic cricket events due to the ongoing corona threat.

Most of the Australian players were supposed to appear in the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League from Sunday, but it was also suspended until April 15th.

Furthermore, Australia tours of England and Bangladesh which are scheduled to take place in June and July are facing the risk of getting canceled as the corona threat has not subsided yet

Australia has reported 4000 positive corona cases, with 19 people dying.


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