‘This Has Been Going On For A Long Time,’ Shreevats Goswami Says About The BCCI’s Delayed Payment System In FC Cricket

BCCI's Delayed Payment System In FC Cricket
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India has been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus has infected millions of individuals, and many have died as a result of it. Many families were thrown financially by the severe sickness, with many losing their jobs and experiencing pay cuts. With India’s domestic cricket coming to a halt, many local cricketers are suffering from the same problem. While sportsmen being infected with the coronavirus is a new story, Bengal wicketkeeper-batsman Shreevats Goswami exposed an age-old concern in Indian domestic cricket. Stay with us to know about the BCCI’s Delayed Payment System In FC Cricket

BCCI’s Delayed Payment System In FC Cricket – Shreevats Goswami  

Goswami, who is presently a part of the Sunrisers Hyderabad team in the Indian Premier League (IPL), took to Twitter to highlight a key issue facing local players. Players have been receiving late paychecks for years, according to the southpaw, even before the coronavirus pandemic. He further added that if players raise their voices over this subject, their intention will be questioned.

“Never understood the delayed payment system in first-class cricket. This is been happening for ages now. We never complain but if we do people think we are arrogant & asking for favours,” the 32-year-old batsman wrote on Twitter.

Several local players still have not been paid for previous matches- Goswami  

Since the Vijay Hazare Trophy concluded in March, no domestic cricket matches have been played in India. As a result, many local cricketers are in financial difficulty. While some with Indian Premier League (IPL) contracts have fared well, others have failed to achieve their requirements. As a result, a number of people have traveled to various countries to play in local leagues and earn money.

According to the New Indian Express, several local players have not been paid for previous matches, causing financial difficulties for the cricketers. After hearing the news, Goswami didn’t hold back in taking a shot at the system. The second strain of the COVID-19 virus has even led BCCI to suspend IPL 2021 in the middle of the tournament. As a result, cricket in India is likely to be suspended for some time.

Meanwhile, the national squad is preparing to face New Zealand in the ICC World Test Championship final next month. Virat Kohli and his team will arrive in England on June 2 and will be quarantined for ten days. With the summit clash starting on June 18, India won’t have much time to get used to the situation.

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