The Unsung Hero Of Indian Cricket Team

The Unsung Hero Of Indian Cricket Team
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Former Indian cricket team captain Sourav Ganguly was one of the finest cricketers which the Indian team had produced. He went on to don the role of Indian cricket team captain, when the dark clouds of match-fixing scandal had loomed over the team, and people had almost stopped watching the game which was being played by the Indian cricket team. It was then, this Tiger of Bengal, filled in the hearts of the fans with the same enthusiasm, with some of his finest cricket he ever played in the history of Indian cricket.

1. Rahul Dravid As Wicket Keeper In ODI’s:

Sourav Ganguly had handed over the job of being behind the stumps to Rahul Dravid, in the pursuit of adding another batsman in the team. This is because India did not have a strong batting line up in the middle order and had no one who could take care of the first ten overs of the match. He wanted to have an all-rounder in the middle order who could take care of the game when India was even five-wicket down.

This decision reaped extraordinary results when India marched into the finals of the 2003 world cup.

2. Virender Sehwag Was Promoted As The Opening Batsmen In Test Matches:

Virender Sehwag who earlier used to take care of the middle order and quite strong in his place was promoted as the opening batsmen in test matches.

He lived up to the duty assigned to him by captain Sourav Ganguly, as the opening batsmen. He created a new benchmark for Indian cricket players by smashing triple centuries and laid the foundation of many victories of the Indian cricket team.

3. Sachin Tendulkar Emerges As An Important Bowler For India:

India Vs Australia at Eden Gardens in Kolkata has been one of favourite games of all cricketing fans across the country. When Australia smashed the hosts at Mumbai and asked them to take them on at Eden Gardens, it was all the more important for the Sourav Ganguly led the side to win the match.

However, things did not look good in the first half, as the Steve Waugh led side found comfortable with the bowlers presented to them by the Indian captain.

It was then when Sourav Ganguly tossed the ball to Sachin Tendulkar as asked him to bowl. Sachin Tendulkar then went on to take the two important wickets of the Australian team which included Adam Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden.

This was a turning point in the game, which led to the victory of the Indian side. It’s always a fact that the importance of the victory of the Indian side cannot be ascertained in terms of words as some major decisions were taken in this match.


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