The ICC Recommends 14-day Isolation Training Camps To Start

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The International Body Has Published Guidelines For The Safe Resumption:

On Friday the International Cricket Council (ICC) released its recommendations to enable members to resume cricket activities in their countries as government restrictions due to COVID-19 begin to relax. The Board also recommended in the guidelines the selection of CFOs and the training camps for 14 days before the match.

“Considering the requirement of a new Chief Medical Officer  (Biosafety Officer) who would be responsible for the implementation of government regulations and for the Biosafety Plan for resuming training and competition,” said the ICC Medical Advisory Committee, in consultation with the medical representatives of the members.

The ICC Advises Its Members To Use These Guidelines:

“To take account of the need to create a pre-match insolating camp with health, COVID-19, and temperature controls, e.g. 14 days prior to travel to ensure that the crew is free of charge for COVID-19,” he said. The cricketing system also recommended that during the training and competition the body develops an appropriate test plan.

“When a game can resume in different parts of the world, the guidelines do not provide answers but instead provide a framework with practical suggestions as to how members can resume crickets in ways that protect against the risk that COVID-19 virus will transmit,” the ICC press release stated.

“The ICC advises its members, in all situations, of implementing these guidelines as the basis for establishing their own policies to restore cricket operation in accordance with local and government regulations, and for ensuring the safety steps required for the resumption of cricket by the community,” it adds.

Since the pandemic has brought the complete world to a standstill, all cricket activities are shut. Even the next T20 World Cup is threatened by the life-threatening disease. On the other hand, IPL 2020 is also affected by the pandemic of coronavirus. But BCCI will not push the T20 World Cup to conduct the thirteenth edition of IPL season.

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