The Cricket Board Is looking For Conducting IPL Out Of India

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Is It Possible To Play The IPL Tournament Outside India?

The decision-makers in the Indian Cricket Board are divided 3–2 on the venue of the 13th Indian Premier League (IPL), as part of major development within the BCCI. Although the issue is strongly tilted in favor of hosting the League in the country, a few voices want it outside, if necessary.
A BCCI official said that although the general idea is that having the Indian League would have meant the country has been released from the coronavirus pandemic, it is certain that the League could be taken places outside India if the situation demands so.
“See, the decision-makers are divided into 3-2, if you want to understand the current situation. All I can tell you, without going into who has said what is that the general sentiment is that the League would not only give people in India positive results but also contribute to ensuring that we do not need to move abroad and to act in the freshest possible way.”

“However, a couple of voices are also of the opinion that having the event should be the top priority, and that is to say that it is to be taken out of the country. While we work towards an overall plan, the venue will be an area that needs to be further deliberated.

A franchise official repeated the sentiments and said that the tournament in the country would always be the focus. “See, if the League in the country is in place, it is a positive signal, not only to the world but also to the people in India, that we have been able to get back to normal. In addition, if you go without, expenses are quite high.

Players around the world were keen to play the IPL, now that it is almost certainly not possible to host the T20 World Cup in October/November according to the original schedule for Cricket Australia as per its email sent to the ICC.

Deepak Chahar Was Hoping To Kickstart The Cricketing Season With The T20 League:

The pacer Deepak Chahar from India and Chennai Super Kings also said he would hope that the T20 League could kick off the cricket season.

“There’s a lot of games we ‘re doing, so that’s going to bring you into the groove. If you’re doing a player playing an ODI or a test right after the break, your body will fall off when the load goes. So when you reach the gym, you don’t have 100 kg bench press to start with”. IPL is the best way for us to get back to cricket.

“It will not only be helpful for bowlers but also all the cricketers as in IPL, the competitive level the top class. However, before the IPL begins, we need the right camp so that we can get back in the groove from the game after this point.”

Kuldeep Yadav, spinner of India and Kolkata Knights Riders, said he’d be looking forward to playing in the IPL.

I’m all set, and very excited about the IPL because I will play after a long break. IPL is a hard tournament and I will do everything I can if it’s happening this year. IPL will also give us confidence for the upcoming Australia series. So yes, I’ve got everyone excited and I’m looking forward to it.


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