The BCCI Reduces The Prize Money Of Franchises In IPL 2020

5 Similarities In The IPL History
5 Similarities In The IPL History

The IPL Winners Get Rs 10 Crores Instead Of Rs 20 Crores:

The BCCI sent a circular to all IPL franchises that they decided to implement strict cost-cutting measures with an important decision. As compared to previous IPL seasons, this year, BCCI is going to reduce the prize money up to 50%.

The IPL winners team will get Rs 10 crores only instead of 20 crores. The runners-up will get 6.25 crore, and the losing two qualifiers will get Rs 4.375 crore each.

The senior BCCI source said, “the financial rewards have reworked as a part of the cost-cutting measures. The franchises are all healthy, and they have different ways of income. So the decision on prize money has taken like this”.

 The BCCI is contributing to each franchises Rs 50 lakhs each and the state association hosting IPL matches will get Rs 1 crore.

BCCI also announced that the mid-level employees of BCCI who are flying to Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, which countries flying time are less than eight hours, will not be allowed to avail business class flights.

No Emergency Plans In IPL Yet For Coronavirus Threat:

The IPL will start barely in 24 days, but the fear of the deadly coronavirus is growing. Several Individuals in charge of cricket administration in India are aware of the risks. The BCCI still has not found it cautious about sitting across the table and discussing the issue.

Nearby 70 foreign cricketers, umpires, match referees, different language commentators and media from various countries, operational hands, and others around 150 or more people will arrive in India before the start of every IPL season.

This week, the official board meeting is scheduled to be held in Mumbai. The matter will come up for further decision. “It is not only about the people who are traveling from different countries to India. It impacts on the overall business of IPL directly or indirectly. Several companies that advertise are facing supply chain issues,” BCCI source said.


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