Team India Is Powerful They Are Looking Very Formidable: Nazar

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The match between India and Pakistan will take place in Dubai on October 24, 2021. And, before the high-intense match, former Pakistan cricketer Mudassar Nazar has said that the Indian team has evolved since the IPL began.

Nazar About Indian Team

Nazar went on to say that every cricket group in India has its own stadium & academy and this has helped Indian cricket a lot. According to Nazar, Cricket is a booming sport in India.

In a recent interview, Nazar said – “I don’t think Pakistan has changed. It is India who have changed. With the advent of the IPL, they have used the money really, really well. If you look at the domestic competition in India, look at all the associations, how well they are organizing their cricket. Everybody has got their own stadium, their own academies, school cricket, state cricket. Cricket is thriving in India,” said Nazar.

India have got all the areas covered: Mudassar Nazar

Mudassar Nazar went on to say that the BCCI has made good use of the money raised by the IPL. Nazar also mentioned that the Indian cricket team has secured all bases and appears to be tough.

“The BCCI have been very clever in how they used the IPL money. Indian cricket was powerful before that but since then it has seen a lot of consistency. They have got all the areas covered. You talk about fast bowling, you talk about spinners, fielding, the physical side, it’s a powerhouse. They seem to be getting top-class batsmen every season. At the moment they are looking very formidable,” said Nazar.

Mudassar Nazar also said that since his playing career, Pakistan has won more games than they lost versus Team India. The 65-year-old finished by predicting that if Pakistan’s batters and bowlers do well, the tables would shift and Pakistan will defeat India.

“When we were playing we always had the edge and towards the end of my career, we won most games against India than we lost. It needs somebody to come up with some brilliance. Somebody has a damn good game. Somebody has a decent century and bowls a decent spell and all of a sudden the tables will turn,” concluded Nazar.

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